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  1. I recently updated the game to cm patch 1.60 and installed the s2ee as well. I had the previous version of enchanted spells and I had some personal tweaks for some of them which requiremed me to edit the global.res file. I had no problem with the spells.txt file but I cant seem to be able to edit the global.res file What I did was: 1. Run s2rw in the locale en folder. 2. Decode and get a notepad with all in game texts 3. Replaced in notepad whatever needed replacement for my tweaks 4. Encode with the "all texts" option. 5. Make a backup and delete the
  2. Updated to cm 1.60 with s2ee. So far no crash, not even with physx enabled.
  3. I currently have cm 1.5 and the old enchanted spells. Ill try to update now and see if there's any difference.
  4. I dont have problems with fire demon , only mages familiar ( grand invigoration replacement from enchanted spells mod ).
  5. I see you guys released the cm patch 1.6 as well as the corresponding enchanted spells mod for this cm version. Ill try to update to 1.6 and get the sacred 2 enchanted edition mod and post if it solves this issue.
  6. I have a major problem when playing high elf. Everything goes nice and smooth up until I activate the mage familiar buff. After that I have under a minute till the game crashes. I really have no idea how to solve this. Any idea of why this might happen?
  7. I have 194 right now. ye, sure, I could make a video. and sure I will complete writing everything about it as soon as I can.
  8. Hey nice to see you again and thx for the reply. I dont know why I have a white background behind kinda everything. must be because I copied some stuff from the dryad build so it would have the same layout and because I was lazy lol. ill fix this as soon as I have some time. hope to finish this build pretty soon.
  9. Im probably a little late but with some %LL , I kill the guardians with a dryad in like 1 second. Just get close to them and spawn darting assault 2-3 times and that should do it. So overall - seraphim for sure. One aditional item ( 2 aditional in comparison to dryads if you dont count the shrunken head ) is a lot. Still, launching 15 arrows per second is also a lot ^^
  10. Im not sure if this is a know fact. I have a level 200 dryad with 98.9% survival bonus. So because monsters have much higher level than me, I usually drop higher level stuff. My highest was lv 245 stuff UNTIL RECENTLY. I was farming the nameless guardians today to help my little brother complete his draco set and I dropped a dryad's mutation item of level 250. I got pretty hyped because I spent a lot of time to make my character perfect ( and my actual set was lv 240 ) so I kept farming but the bosses dropped a lv 240 item. So then I realised that in order to get a lv 250 item, you need to kil
  11. WORK IN PROGRESS!!! Hello everyone, this is Alex, the author of the Hybrid Dryad Build and im going to try and make a Necromancer Shadow Warrior build ( I mean post it since I already did it ). Here, listen to this so you wont get bored while reading. Like the dryad one, it may take a while to finish. So, to start from the beggining: I had the idea for this build when I was playing on my dryad and I dropped a Signet of Thunder. Since it has almost a minute regeneration per hit, I thought "what if I could raise all the combat arts to level 200, mak
  12. I have a problem that I dont kinda understand. Leveling Mind Strike on Dragon make actually makes the damage lower. This only happens if I have draconic ally summoned ( if I have it my mindstrike is 4500 dmg and shows 4100 for next level. Without the draconic ally the damage goes up by a little - from 1509 to 1570. I also use flix enchanted spells mod tho im not sure this is the cause because even without the mod its exactly the same thing. Any ideas?
  13. Thanks. Finally did it. If you or anyone else notice something wrong like mistypes or anything be sure to let me know please ^^.
  14. Oh I see. Thanks then ^^. Ill check back in a couple of minutes.
  15. LIttle help if someone can. I know its been a long time ago but I decided to finish this today! Problem is I cant find the edit button anymore :S.
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