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  1. But as long as there is no way of making the protectors use both active melees and spells usage, they should go to their default mode of an active but efficient melee only.
  2. The "tank behavior" should still be better. The way I see it, the 2 spells of the protectors rather seem to be a hindrance in gameplay instead of being an advantage. It should be thought about if the 2 spells are really worth it and if they are reasonably viable.
  3. I noticed that the Gold Modification "Soul Imbiber" from the Inquisitor actually does not heal the Inquisitor. It is supposed to heal the Inquisitor for 10% each time he collects a soul. But that is not happening. I have installed the CM-Patch 1.60 and the Original Spells EE. You may take a look into that.+ Edit: This might be true only related to some monster types.
  4. Why don't you just focus on English for now? I would assume most are able to read English, even from other countries. It would be great if you provide the test patch. I may give some feedback soon regarding a few things I encountered in the game if you allow.
  5. Any updates when version 2.4 will be available?
  6. I installed the Original Spells. But unfortunately, I cannot see any difference with regards to the Protector. He is still inactive mostly and not attacking. You said it would be fixed in the EE. Can you double-check?
  7. I will let you know. For now, I am trying the Original Spells. Everything looks good so far and I read some parts of the manual already.
  8. Ok, then it is time now to install your Enhanced Edition. I wanted to try that anyway. Great work! Let's hope THQ will take up everything the Sacred 2 community has developed over the years and make a remastered version similar to Titan Quest Anniversary Edition.
  9. With the CM-Patch 1.60, the Dragon Berserk skill of the Dragon Mage now allows the usage of potions, trophies as well as buffs. That is all great, but I noticed a bug related to the buffs. If you activate the Familiar buff while in Dragon Berserk form, the bonus to Intelligence and Willpower remains even after the Dragon Berserk form expires. If you then activate the Familiar buff again, the Dragon Mage actually gets twice the bonus, which is clearly a bug and unintended. I would suggest removing the buffs from the Dragon Berserk. The Dragon Berserk should focus on potions
  10. In CM-Patch 1.60, the protectors from the Dragon Mage gained 2 new innate skills. However, I noticed that the protectors are far less aggressive in combat than before. Most of the time they are inactive, standing around and don't attack much. Additionally, they often need a longer time to cast the new heal spell, even if they lost only a little amount of health. The cast animation takes somewhat long and prevents them from attacking at that time. In short: The new AI of the protectors is not good for combat. Before they attacked quickly and frequently. Since that is not the
  11. But if they are supposed to have those spells, and if it was intended to be like that by the original developers, then this would be within the range of tasks of the CM-Patch, or not? I mean, it is not illegitimate to activate those dormant spells again with the next CM-Patch, and not instead with a separate Mod. You could even consider that to be a bug fix, which is clearly a task of the CM-Patch.
  12. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I assumed that. I also don't know how to test that best. For me, however, the Regeneration Mod would only be a possibility if it improved the regeneration ​in combat​.
  13. Does anyone know if the Bronze Mod "Regeneration" of the Protector, which gives a 700% increase in hitpoint regeneration according to sacredwiki, is also active while in combat? Or is it just active while out of combat? I hope someone knows, since it is not stated clearly on the sacredwiki page.
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