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  1. So you are from sweden huh? and your real name is Johan? huh? spooky!
  2. velkommen til darkmatters Johan :)

  3. Hey I am Johan from sweden 25 years old, played allot of sacred 1 hardcore, some of you might remember me, as Devil(Dark Elf's), Yukiko(Archer) Ogami(Gladiator) Mr.Green(Dwarf Barginer) Mr.Blue(Dwarf Blacksmith) I played with MoonReaper, D-Molisher, GoGoblender, Lamia8, CarolynHacker, Polo, FrostElfGuard and well many more but I cant remember the names sorry.. Anyway now I am back in sacred 2 hardcore so I want to join. I am an experianced gamer with lots of humor and trusty. I played, Neocron, Neocron2, Final Fantasy XI, EverQuest2, WorldOfWarcraft, Horizon, GuildWars+expansions,
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