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  1. . Greetings Ancarians, First of all I'd like to wish all a happy belated hibernal solstice Also I would like to thank you all for you kind words and encouragement about my situation A small update on my status: My rig has broken down, numerous files are destroyed and / or give an access error, several of which are system files. This disaster was a weird one: no other services were affected except those that were safe-guarding the system security, namely the antivirus and the firewall. Idk. what to make of that, it's just a given fact. Atm. my only web access is through a sm
  2. . yes I had some thoughts on this and I think we should take this to PM's
  3. . Greetings Ancarians Again, its been a while since my last post I have had some unexpected setbacks the last few days and things that are constantly slowing me down. The latest, I just got my 1st ever BSOD ( blue screen of death ) After the reboot my antivirus and firewall got bugged and wont start at all After a few tests it seemed that something went seriously wrong Currently checkdisk is at step 4 of 5 and about 44% progress ( after an hour of "fixing" countless references and errors, even in system files u_u ) It may take a few more hours to know how sever
  4. . Yeah thats the thing, thats why I said "sadly Sacred 2 doesn't do that" because AFAIK there is no % per level (growth) modifier But there are +% to all your stats, skills, attack, defense, armor ... etc. So, as your base numbers grow, those will get affected by those +% mods Anyway it takes some time to invest and investigate to balance this out cheers Wasn't it called 'path of glory' instead of 'path of gory'?
  5. . . true, that but then the set bonuses must realy be an epic upgrade for each step So, we have 7 to 9 total set parts ( depends on char class ), divide by 3 dif.levels = (2 or 3) from silver, (2 or 3) from gold and 3 from plat end bosses so every 2 - 3 set parts would have to give balanced perks to make it worth keeping/using This is an option, and actually the only hard part to do is finding a good perk balance A thing to keep in mind / check in-game: The perks have to be on par and in balance, with whatever the game drops at that given dif.level for example: you j
  6. . Greetings Ascarians I know it's been a while, but rest assured that the progress goes well Only problem is I am on a very restrictive setup right now since my rig has no web access leaving me to access the web through a small laptop with only 8.MB video ram. I cannot even type on this thing let alone upload images Still, since I haven't had an update for so long, here are a few screenshots This one is about a week old Next 3 are fresh from the engine, taken today ( on a darker-skinned seraphim model ) Enjoy (^_^) cheers
  7. . The pieces are all chopped and ported, and in-game, equipable and textured My to-do list is: - edit / tweak almost all the items to make them behave more "normal" (follow more normally the physical body movement) Items still on this list: bracers, pelvis, legs, boots (that's half of 'em) - edit / tweak them to prevent them to clip through each other aswell as the body clipping through them Items still on this list: bracers, pelvis, legs (boots are being checked) - procure 8 un-used itemtype ID's (new, unused even by CM patch)
  8. . Only thing is... by the time you get to niob, the silver pieces wont be of any interest anymore what this idea "needs" is am option that would enable your gear "grow" with you, then this would become absolutely awesome But then, we're talking of another game here... Sacred (sadly IMHO) doesn't do that cheers Hit any user to continue.
  9. . Bless you Flixy, right on spot on me own thoughts Now that's what I call a dead parrot
  10. . I can't think of anything that may be causing this. It "may" be a side-effect of the CM patch but then again it may not. The people from the CM Patch have a page to report things like this maybe it would be good if you went over and droped them a line or 2 Did you solve the prank ? Never deal with a dragon for you are crunchy and taste good with katsup
  11. . I am still working on some small issues, like parts clipping through other parts, but the armor is already in-game and textured and it's looking good. Would you like me to post an in-game screenshot or would you rather wait until the alpha is out? Here is another progress update, working ( skinning ) on the legs parts: cheers It's a girl and her name is Marina!
  12. . ugh... the game keeps poping out names for me, new ones that is cheers Funny bugreport #33225: Cow is standing on a bowl, head ist going out of the fence.
  13. . Usually when I take her she may actually die on the way As Wolfie said, have you tweaked balance.txt maybe at some point and forgotten all about it? cheers Downloading secret hairstyles.
  14. . aaaaand... another cheers What do you think I am doing? loading the game?
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