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  1. Ty all : ) and nice to see all new ppl on the clan : ) got the addon yesterday, dont know why it taked so long : P to arrive but now I can play again : )) looking forward to play whit ya all ^^
  2. im getting it on boxed : ) tomorrow and I cant wait to meet up new ppl ^^ and great to see you gogo ! your the best : ) looking forward to play whit you again =)
  3. Hi all im back from LONG break ^^ tomorrow il get my ice & blood ^^ so il be online again : )
  4. I did keep all on level 1 exept the buffs I bumbed up hard : ) -Dusty
  5. Hey Chareos glad to see your applying aswell
  6. yay barristan is applying aswell its great playing whit ya ^^
  7. im using this build now on my TG feralfox and it works very well : )) you should try it too gogo ^^
  8. nice piece of guide putres Feralfox here
  9. Woah! can someone post me the list aswell?
  10. Name 3 words that other people use to describe you? Careless, Helpfull, Cheerfull ^^ What is something that gets on your nerves? teenagers. lol kidding What makes you cry? realy sad movie not anymore tho What is your first memory? when I learned to walk What level of education have you completed? Welding institute Do you have any siblings? yes brother Favourite milkshake flavour? vanilla When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? a metal worker Can you speak a foreign language? hmm english will do If you could build a house anywhere, where would it be? on miami
  11. hi ya all ^^ you can find me in Loimaa In Finland! its realy little town and pretty boring on winters but good place on summers to hang out
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