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  1. More than 3 month from the start now...About 700 players registered and 450 of them were online in past 24 hours ,.... This how the leaderboards looks like now... First 20 players # Name Points (Training) Points (Buildings) Points (Troops) = Buildings (Sum) 1 Egotrip [MH] 7.867 18.875 42.320 69.063 14 2 ☆Berluska☆ [[ML]] 3.321 15.906 32.069 51.296 14 3 gomorra [K.L] 7.646 18.879 21.715 48.240 18 4 Leonid@ [[ML]] 2.796 15.575 25.053 43.424 18 5 N8.4ever 3.216 17.341 22.130 42.687 14 6 ☆_feDerIcO☆R☆I_☆ [[ML]] 2.040 19.671 16.228 37.939 16 7 chedenial [OFERTAS] 2.629 13.0
  2. Yes I remember D.A.R.K alliance from Sacred 2 ...Actually that was a quiet server and players just kept to score points.. How many members were there in your alliance? Do you have any plan to join this game anyway?
  3. The constructor and the owner of this Game is RavenC..He is a programmer from Germany..He created it on his own...Yes I remember those nice days at Vendetta1923 ... And how sadly it was fading ..But there still were bunch of active players there ..It is difficult now to bring them all together.. It is not owned by Gamefoorge now which can afford tons of adfvertisments..But I hope this new game will reach that level...There are about 150 players registered in last 9 hours.
  4. Now it is 150 players... Lets register found an alliance and rock the top
  5. DEAR GAMERS...ONLINE MAFIA BROWSER GAME RELEASED 2 HOURS AGO. .There are about 100 players now and ALL START FROM "0"... www.stiddari.com Let me give a brief INFO...This game is Vendetta 1923 Alternative which was played by THOUSANDS of players and was shut down due to Owners Bankruptcy...NOW GERMAN PROGRAMMERS GAVE A NEW BREATH TO IT Stiddari is a strategic simulation game with thousands of players competing with each other simultaneously. All you need to play is a standard web browser. You are a mafia boss enlarging your influence and territory by using different tactics. Starting w
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