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  1. We're all good so far thanks! You too. I had shared the original link from facebook thinking my facebook isn't going anywhere so I was surprised it stopped working. Now I just uploaded directly. For some reason I couldn't last time so I linked instead
  2. Well this stopped working lol. I didn't know links "expired". Here's a replacement.
  3. I assume you watched gameplay video? I don't know what it requires but I'm running gtx 1070 I think? It's about 3 years old but it was pretty high at the time. And I have zero problems
  4. I recently discovered Black Desert online through a friend from path of exile. SUPER complex. I avoid half the "sim" n "real life" styled stuff because it's just too much. But the arpg side and the skill system are pretty cool. It's like open world tekken or something. Lots of keyboard strokes and mouse movements. Takes a while to get used to. Its also xbox controller compatible if you prefer but the button combinations become a bit overwhelming compared to keyboard play. Only downside is the epic running around. But there's auto walk and you can go get food or use the b.r. in the mean time. Any way its fun and different though very similar in atmosphere and style to Sacred 2 actually. Thought it might be a fit for some in this community.
  5. She's hysterical. Youtube her on the trevor noah show
  6. If anyone had a wife or gf who pesters them to watch rom-com movies I have one you'll actually like. "Mr. Right" with anna kendrick. The guy is an assassin with quirks. Its funny and action packed. Something for both of you. Lol
  7. So what is everyone watching while the world goes to hell in a handbasket? Lol. My gf and I watched the first 3 mythica movies which are a little cheesy but acceptable given the circumstances. It sort of looks like the old Hercules and Xena tv shows. Figures since Kevin Sorbo appears a couple times.
  8. I think I watched it on amazon prime. I don't remember if it's on Netflix. I am bummed that wonder woman 2 is pushed back until August now
  9. Finally took the time to watch Glass. I really liked that ending to the m night shamylan trilogy. Surprised by the route he took.
  10. Does the color of one's name in the forums signify something? Longevity, amount of posts, approval, etc.:) Mine suddenly went from blue to red but I haven't changed anything myself. Just curious
  11. Hope you enjoyed it. It took me a little bit to warm up to the initial slow pace but there was enough intrigue to want to know what the deal was that I had to keep watching. Totally worth the ending.
  12. The movie "Freaks" on Netflix from 2018 was surprisingly good. Takes about 30 minutes to reveal what's going on but the rest is awesome.
  13. If anyone likes over the top animation with humor and violence, the harley quinn cartoon is great. Probably need to find "alternative" methods to view because it's from the DC universe App. I think their stuff is on Netflix outside the US
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