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  1. I'm running quad core actually. but I think for this situation its neither here nor there. Funny thing is the primary reason I want to be able to host multi is so that I can play single player and swap items around and respec with a character editor without having to start back at the beginning.... I have tried swapping the game to running single core but that doesn't seem to make it want to allow me to host multiplayer. But either way I can join a game 4 cores or 1.
  2. Well. Copying the install directly over and manually deleting and pasting my install in worked. The game will run. I haven't tested it beyond that... But that is an issue for another day... once we beat the living daylights out of sacred 1 more times than I can count. Thanks for your help to everyone that helped. Now to figure out why I cant host a game in Sacred 1.... The wife can... But I cant... Its pissing me off.
  3. So I have encountered thus far my only issue with the copy of Sacred Gold I got from GOG.com. I cant for some reason host a multiplayer session. I have everything allowed like I should (im pretty sure anyway) and when I go into the game to start a session it just kinda sits there are spins its digital wheels. I also have tried using the dedicated multiplayer sever option and that will at least start but no one can see the game. Not me on my own computer or my wife on hers. That said when she hosts it will actually let the game start and we can play. And she can also host the dedicated multipla
  4. Thanks. I will try that. The wife is currently playing Sacred 1 ATM... soooo... it could be a bit. Mr. Admin guy. Your welcome. I actually have played in the past but had written the game off because the install disks I have are not compatible with a 64 bit OS such as I am running now. But thanks to GOG I was able to (for dirt cheep) get the first Sacred (it shall remain unsaid how I obtained the second). OK so I installed the new DX files you posted... It took me a minute to figure out what I was looking at.. Still no dice. I cant for the life of me figure out what is going on and w
  5. OK DaveO. I installed the DX9 redist as you suggested but I encounter the same error when I attempt to load the game. For some reason it is working perfectly on my computer. Do you think it would make any difference if I literally copied my install files to my wife's computer?
  6. So I got the game working just fine on my computer and I am attempting to get it running on my wife's as well so we can play together. But her system (the only difference is the MB) tells me when I attempt to launch the game that it is missing d3dx9_36.dll and refuses to do anything. I have tried installing everything that came with the game and updating her video drivers and even reinstalling the game/video drivers. I even tried copying the files from my computer to hers. Thus far it has only stopped bugging me about the missing file and just does nothing. Right now I seem to be spinning my w
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