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  1. Great work guys! I tested it today and holy - the Sacred 2 nostalgia kicked in so hard!!! Ameaeth was there and others as well. We had a campaign server with 5 players, And there were players on other servers, too. So yeah, I agree that this is the best thing that happened to the community since the Community Patch. I would also like to play on hardcore servers, if that is not too much trouble. You wrote earlier, that you didnt want to have too many unused servers open - and this would double the server number. But since you already have an option to add more servers, when the current ones are used, maybe the harcore servers can just be hosted whenever a hardcore character is in the open net lobby. But thats just an uneducated idea, Anyways, thanks a lot for this! I am really looking forward to play this game excessively again And maybe I will finally get my first Kiras Wall and Khrals Screptre, that I have hunted for years without luck.
  2. But that would be cheating! O.O I dont like cheating in general, so I only use the mechanics the game offers me. Otherwise it wouldnt be any fun.
  3. This is my CM Patch 0160 SW. This build is perfect as a first char, that can help every char that follows. I always wanted to make a guide, but I have been too lazy so far I think you will know which boni these are, even though its all in German. Beeing a ghost certainly helps (armor lore is my only defensive skill). I also did Ancaria Airlines 60 times. I always do it in the background, when I read the forum or watch mavies/series. EP gives another 70% Chance to find valuables. I´m currently at 16 runs without legendary.
  4. Next legendary: Enricos Eternal Search Took me 17 runs AAAAAND next legendary: The Forbidden Punisher Took me ONLY ONE RUN!!!
  5. I dont play any chars with sword lore (or any weapon lore) atm, I´m a big fan of hybrid CAs And I think 2-handed weapons are weak in general (well this one might be an exception, but I´m not sure). 2-handed weapons only have the advantage of high damage, but at the cost of slower attack animations and less slots. With a single handed weapon + shield (I like to farm the shield of mirrors in SP), I can get even better damage when I forge 3x Jotuns Maw into the shield. But I dont have to. So I am more flexible and might have a better use for the sockets. Then there is a good bonus to Stamina and XP per kill, the armor from the shield and the faster attack animations. Different shields can add flexibility and utility to the char as well (glacial defender for damage mitigation or block chance CC (esp. with shield lore)). I cant think of a scenario, where 2-handed weapons would be better. Whoever created The Redeemer for the CM Patch did a really good job giving it as many boni as it has, so it stands a chance compared to a 1h-weapon + shield. I got the widowmaker as well. It dropped from one of these tree-champions on the dryad island. I had heard (read) a lot of rumors, that these champoins should be able to drop legendaries, but I never found a source confirming it. So I was really glad, that I could finally solve that mistery. Hmmm now that I think about it.... Farming the dryad island could be a nice way to get legendaries when you use the "Super Spawn" mod of the Enhanced Edition.
  6. Nice relic Androdion I just dropped "The Redeemer" on my 19th run I have maxed Enhanced Perception and 250% chance to find valuables in my armor ^^
  7. hell, what would I give to be able to play on the old hc servers again.... with everything I know now
  8. Works much better with the jumps of the Shadow Warrior and the Seraphim. They have no cooldown and a longer range. With 0.2 sec regtime, you can go everywhere really fast In fact, the camera stops "moving" when it tries to follow the char, the game just "reloads" the graphics on your new position. Maybe you could add "Assailing Somersault" (SW), "Belligerent Vault" (Seraphim) and "Forest Flight" (Dryad) to the description for this thread as well. "Propelled Levitation" (TG) should work as well, but I never tested it. The same goes for the DM, who could get down from his mount, transform into the dragon and then jump.
  9. Dont forget, that you can also use it to jump everywhere you want. Getting over obstacles or making up for bad movement speed. The pure utility of the jump CAs from the seraphim and the SW are a big part of why they are my favourite chars
  10. I just added the hint to use ctrl and left mouse to attack it. I guess its fine now. Damn I really wanna hunt legendaries right now^^ Too bad I killed my 172 HC seraphim two days ago and a new seraphim on level 25 when I tried out the Challange mode from the Enhanced Edition yesterday. Gonna start a new char now and keep you guys updated
  11. When you press "ctrl" and leftclick your char will attack, whether there is an enemy or not. With a ranged weapon the char will fire at the cursor position. Sorry that I didnt meantion this. Its so naturally for me, that I totally forgot, that new players wouldnt know about this. And yes, there is lot of unique and set junk out there. I sell 95% of that.
  12. It would be the only weapon (maybe kaldurs as well) with %LL, that I would use. I think %LL is a broken stat and I never use it, except for killing the egg.
  13. Take a ranged weapon. A throwing potion or the new stones. Or Khrals Sceptre (I never found this)
  14. You need a weapon with % Life Leech to kill the egg. It doesnt work in campaigns, only in the free game.
  15. Edit: I am a sucker for lists and statistics, so I always noted the succes of my boss runs. Here are some numbers for you: Guardian runs (4 Guadians + Egg): 255 Guardian 1: 19 Sets, 22 Uniques, 1 Legendary, 1 Mutation Set Guardian 2: 65 Sets, 55 Uniques, 1 Legendary Guardian 3: 56 Sets, 50 Uniques, 4 Legendaries, 1 Mutation Set Guardian 4: 38 Sets, 48 Uniques Egg: 45 Sets, 60 Uniques, 1 Legendary, 1 Mutation Set This was all in CM Patch 0150, the chance for legendaries might have increased in CM 0160 (Patchnotes: "Added several missing Legendaries (Tier 15 items) to the proper drop lists.")
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