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  1. There are certain quests that have specific unique or legendary items as a reward. Other than that there is no targeted item farming, as far as I know.
  2. In regards to damage conversion as Magic Coup was mentioned a few times, its mechanics elude me. E.g. I used an pure poison damage 'Essence of Dark Matters' with Magic Coup resulting in an almost pure magic damage with the CA. Why is that? Is the wiki correct with "Converts 33% Physical Damage into Magic Damage"?
  3. I'm playing CM patch and you're right Chattius it says fire damge for CM patch. However, it does show as pure physical damage in game and so far I have not procced any burn either through destroyers. I also went full damage for now, but in the end I guess it depends on how many destroyers you can get total through CA levels. If there are enough it could outperform the added damage through explosion mods. In addition Mealstrom (modded) and Ancient Magic should be able to reduce physical armor and damage mitigation significantly combined. Are they additive? Cheers
  4. Hi Friends! I'm looking for the most effective combination of modifications for end game Dragon Mage focused on Destroyer CA. Destroyer have the inherent ability Number Of Destroyers: 4 (slowly increases with CA level). In addition modifications allow for either of the following to maximize damage potential Explosive - Swarm - Explosive (higher base damage, less destroyer) Explosive - Swarm - Swarm (lower base damage, more destroyer) Does anyone know the CA level breakpoints that naturally increases the number of summoned destroyers? Which of these two combinations has a higher damage potential endgame considering the total damage of all summoned destroyers? Would it change if we assume low/no enemy physical resistance/armor? Cheers
  5. Hi Friends! I'm looking for a coop campaign partner. We can meet once a week for an hour or two. I'm fine with playing either D2F or CM patched. Goal is to play coop self found, so no transfers from other characters or downloaded chests. Everything is negotiable though. If interested, let me know. Cheers.
  6. Hey friends! I want to create a Spell Based Combat Art (SBCA) based DoT build and for that reason theory crafted with the help of good old wiki. A few things there confused me and I wanted to confirm with you all if I understand the below correctly. Okay so in summary for SBCA based DoT: 1. It ignores armor 2. It cannot be increased through Damage Lore (Is this confirmed? Wiki only mentions this for Magic and Ice DoT) 3. It does not account for Spell Resistance/Spell Intensity nor Willpower (Is this confirmed? Wiki only mentions this for Magic and Ice DoT) In terms of Game Mechanics, any additional advice for maximized SBCA based DoT? Cheers
  7. Yes I do like the percentage debuff and I know that items also have them as modifiers. What I'm unsure about though are the static debufs from most of the skills. Are those really absolute numbers or are those percentage deductions in disguise? E.g. Soulhammer How are mechanics working for them I wonder.
  8. Did anyone by chance look into armor debuffs before and can share some insights? http://sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Opponent's_armor:_Physical
  9. @Flixdoes AM affect the damage calculation of secondary damage effects? And if yes, all of them or only those induced through spell based CA?
  10. Hey Raven, no worries, I'll fill the blanks when I come across the information. I added some new data to the list. If anyone likes to share some of the missing points or sees incorrect information, please let me know.
  11. I have gathered that information for three classes so far. @RavenLight I added those you got for your Dryad. Seraphim Start Skill: Pelting Strikes Runemaster's Son: Battle Stance, Cleansing Brilliance Start Chest: Battle Stance, Archangels Wrath Dragon Mage Start Skill: Mind Blast Runemaster's Son: Familiar, Runes of Protection Start Chest: Familiar, Dragon's Berserk Shadow Warrior Start Skill: Demonic Blow Runemaster's Son: Grim Resilience, Nether Allegiance Start Chest: Grim Resilience, Belligerent Vault Dryad Start Skill: Twisted Torment Runemaster's Son: Start Chest: Sinister Predator, Ravaged Impact Temple Guardian Start Skill: Dedicated Blow Runemaster's Son: Start Chest: High Elf Start Skill: Ancestral Fireball Runemaster's Son: Start Chest: Inquisitor Start Skill: Ruthless Mutilation Runemaster's Son: Purifying Chastisement, Dislodged Spirit Start Chest: Purifying Chastisement, Levin Array Edit: Updated Inquisitor and added start skills for each class.
  12. Hi @xrystal we observed an anomaly on the serves. When we finished coop silver light campaign with cmp160 on the servers and changed to gold afterwards or any other server besides going back to silver campaign cmp160, all enemies remained stationary and we were only able to damage them once before they did not receive any further damage. When one of us left the game, enemies started moving but were still invulnerable. Best regards p.s. Leaving and rejoining the servers and restarting the game did not help.
  13. Actually the reason I'm asking is to build a starting rune repository and I want to omit the static starting runes and only use the rest. I'll probably do test runs and post the result here. Maybe we can add that to the quest wiki page even.
  14. Hi, does anyone by chance have a list of the two runes each character class gets upon completion of this tutorial quest?
  15. Seraphim's Pelting Strikes gold mod 'Indentation' and Soul Hammer silver mod 'Battering' , do their effects stack with multiple hits from PS and between the two skills? How long is the duration of the debuff? And lastly would you recommend choosing them or rather the alternative modifications? Edit: On the wiki refers to relative deductions via the item modifier 'Opponent's armor: Physical -X%' but the mechanics for absolute values deduction, e.g. on Soul Hammer or Pelting Strikes are not mentioned as far as I could find.
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