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  1. Thanks Any skips, glitches, legit teleports, quests etc works as long as the game does not have to be changed through an additional mod or using the character editor. That's a good one, I haven't made use of reloading the game, although I suppose possible only in single player mode? Making use of balloons and portals is definitely on my list. Another thing I've been trying to see if it can help are those teleport-boats on the islands on the way to Carnach. Cheers
  2. Hello friends, I just remembered that it was possible to destroy The Great Machine with ranged LL% weapons. Was that fixed in CMP and/or EE? I don't seem to be able to do it, if it's still possible, how is it done? Cheers
  3. Hello friends, Thinking of any% speed runs in other games I'm looking for shortcuts for the campaign (primarily light) in the form of tricks, glitches, quests etc that could help finishing the campaign as quickly as possible.
  4. Kudos and a big thanks @idbeholdME and @Flix for this Ancient Magic mechanics deep dive and validation. I'm sure this will help everyone in deciding whether or not to take Ancient Magic in their builds.
  5. I assume since the DM is mostly non-weapon based Mealstrom CA really comes in handy for him. Or do you have additional suggestion for DM to reduce enemy armor? Since enemies do not often have phys mitigation, would Ancient Magic mastery reduce their phys mitigation into negative values and thus increase physical damage additionally?
  6. True, against physical damage mitigation only Ancient Magic (AM) mastery at skill level 75 comes to mind from the top of my head. But this makes Maelstrom CA a very powerful CA with the 'Grind' bronze mod as most of the DM's Elemental Magic Aspect is around physical damage CAs. Are there any other sources of negative physical damage mitigation that could stack with the AM mastery?
  7. Then does the modded Maelstrom CA actually set enemy physical armor to 0, effectively negating phys armor?
  8. Thanks chattius! Looking at Maelstrom CA if modded with 'Grind' bronze mod on level 1 it would reduce physical armor by 100,5 % but I doubt that would set enemy armor to 0. Do you know how the calculation works for this physical armor debuff? Cheers
  9. Thanks Flix! Based on the skills.txt can you say which mod combination would get the most bang for the buck for the "min-maxers" out there in terms of basic damage on the CA overall?
  10. For Dragon Mage's Destroyer combat art (CA) the 'Swarm" mod increased its number of destroyers while the 'Explosive' mod increases their damage. Excluding the 'Endurance' mod either 'Swarm' can be taken twice and 'Explosive' once or vice versa. In addition, according to the wiki, the base number of destroyers (4) slowly increase with CA level. I hope that the skills.txt knowledgeable people here can help on these questions: At which CA level does the number of destroyers increase naturally? Assuming skill level 100 and 200 and factoring out armor and mitigation, which mod combination would net the most Destroyer CA damage overall? On a side note on the wiki article: Playing with CM0160 Destroyer CA damage is shown to me as pure physical. There is also no chance of burning displayed or burning detrimental effect triggered on enemies. Similar with CM0160 there does not seem to be a magic damage source or weaken detrimental effect connected to Destroyer CA. Cheers
  11. Hi Katak, I was away for a while but here is the auto-save script I used before the auto-saving on ingame menu closure got added. Just replace F7 with any key you want to and adjust the time (in milliseconds) to what interval you need. #NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases. #Warn ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors. #MaxThreadsPerHotkey 2 #Persistent SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% ; Ensures a consistent starting directory. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;----Sacred 2 Auto Save----; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;1: Ctrl + Page Down key to start/stop auto save ;2: Ctrl + Escape key to exit the script ToggleS2AS := False ^PgDn:: ;Ctrl + page down key to start/stop IfWinActive, ahk_class Sacred2 Main { ToggleS2AS:= Not ToggleS2AS If ToggleS2AS SetTimer, S2autosave, 300000 ;300 seconds between saves Else SetTimer, S2autosave, Off Return } return S2autosave: IfWinActive, ahk_class Sacred2 Main { Send {F7 down}{F7 up} ;save default key } Return ^Esc::Exitapp ;Ctrl + Escape to exit script
  12. Kudos for this guide and thanks for sharing! Since my timing with this usually really bad and I drink way too many mentor potions I tend to use an AHK script to help me press the buttons on time.
  13. Hi friends, I'm playing CMP160 with superspawn v15 currently, however, I often get the impression monster density is at default. Is there a way for me to confirm ingame if the mod is increasing the amount of enemies, e.g. go to area xyz and you should see # of elementals? Cheers
  14. LAN or rather the Open-Net feature available now. Since I'm currently working from the Philippines timezone wise playing with family/friends is a bit of a challenge. That's why I'm looking here for anyone near the SGT timezone who is playing solo but can imagine to try a coop campaign.
  15. Question on potion and alchemy materials usage. Is it possible to activate multiple potions and/or alchemy materials so their effects will be active at the same time or is there always only one effects that may be active and using other potions/materials would replace any prior active effect?
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