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  1. Not a firewall issue? port forwarding appropriately enabled ?
  2. . . . But now that you said 'gore' ... could be buh-bye to the WE Actually, the explosive arrow we rivals tentacles for gore, imo
  3. You can run Underworld, with the 2.28 patch on a 64 bit system -- I have been doing so for 2 years. I did nothing special to make it work, at least nothing I can remember. The most difficult problem to deduce and resolve related to graphics glitches and odd hangs once the game started. I finally found a post on the old SIF that indicated Underworld only runs on a single processor -- so you must set the processor affinity for the executable if you have a multi-core system.
  4. I often do that as well. Depends upon what cut the roast is whether it will make good steaks, though.
  5. You might look at Csaszar's vampiress using the Ettol Bow. Now that is really different
  6. I've had a similar problem on rare occasions -- during combat all of a sudden I can't move. Teleporting does no good either, but a game restart always fixes the problem. It has seemed random for me -- not Gar'Colossus but rather ordinary mobs in the desert or swamp. I'm running the vanilla 2.43 patch under Vista-64, and usually SP as well. There was a similar, common problem in Underworld. It was related to the "granny.dll" becoming corrupt. I'm not sure if Sacred 2 uses that, though
  7. The mount starts at 50% penalty, but as you ride it and it levels, the penalty goes up. As you can see, lujate's penalty was 60.7% -- no longer the initial 50%.
  8. . . . Unless he is Abebe Bikila at the 1960 Olympic games in Rome. Bikila won the marathon barefoot. He won it again in Tokyo, 1964 -- but wore shoes that time.
  9. The aspect should be applied after -- and basically cancels the increase. To wit: Say your regen factor is F; then F x (1 + 1/2) = 3/2F Apply the -1/3 bonus: 3/2F x (1- 1/3) = 3/2F x 2/3 = F. voila
  10. I had heard how tough the guardian was and always tried to stay away. Accidentally stumbled into him once, though. Very high damage fire bow with ravaged impact and sinister predator and a very fast regen. Took him down in about 2 minutes, but I had to heal a few times myself, too.
  11. I just have Fallen Angel, not Ice&Blood for now... I have just FA, too. No problem with ranged weapons on 2.43 and ghosts nor the dragon, either. And boy was I surprised when the dragon respawned. I did not know about that and just ran back into the cave "edging" it. Close call.
  12. Actually, that is the question that started this thread - hehe. And I am not yet convinced extra visibility range is needed. I'm just over 75% now, a couple small areas above ground remain, and I have not "edged" most of the dungeons yet.
  13. I'm running plain vanilla US version patched to 2.43. Maybe that's why the percent matches -- no extra areas to count.
  14. My in-game displayed % revealed matches the stored value in the hero file -- at least to displayed significance. The stored value is 74.07 -- displayed as 74.1
  15. Well I'll be dipped. I keep expecting to hear "Well done player . . ." every dungeon I enter. Now I know why I don't. And does visibility affect % explored? I know in underworld it did not matter what your visibility was -- you got credit for each "block" you entered. Seeing did not matter. You got the whole block even if you only just crossed the edge, but got nothing even if you saw the whole thing but did not enter. I'm at 74% explored now, with a couple areas I can yet visit. Plus I did not do good "edge" work in many dungeons. I fully expect to hit 80% without any visibility boost.
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