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  1. Heya, Gogo, Gogoblender#? Cant add friends without full battletag
  2. hmmm... there I was, about to fire up my NA account..... You are playing what:) S....C.... What the heck, ima swith NA now and then, gotta look up some tags first tho. Latency isnt all that bad for me on NA. EDIT: cant find the tag list..... wanna pm me your tag? Feel free
  3. 1. 4th of May 2009 2. ehm... not sure, must have been a few months later. Lets say 5 later this year and we have a deal. 3. Kinda like fled here in the d.a.r.k.er days of SIF
  4. Never left D3, and doubt that will happen any time soon. Would love to see some of yall on European servers.
  5. Heyas, playing a bit during weekends mostly. Both SC and HC EU. Hit P100 with one of my HC DH a while ago. There was no party.... aaaaah, them Sacred days eh
  6. Heyas, back on track with Demon Hunter 60(40). If anyone decides to go Europe servers, gimme a shout!
  7. Heyas, I tried SC a while ago. It's not for me. D3's HC is still a bit scary, but when you hit Inferno, play in teams and all will be good. I ripped a Barb 60(51) because of a disconnect when playing alone, thats kinda sad, but a good team always has your back. Anyhow, always welcome to join in!
  8. Heya Gogo, ayup, 2x level 60 DH, level 60 monk, 2x level 60 Barb. Wizz and second monk on the way. Also have a 60 DH and 60 Wizz in SC, to play together with Spunky, Dobbie and other regulars
  9. Heyz, at least now its fun to actually have one drop, because they have a chance to be good... a decent chance Way to go Blizz! Barr
  10. Heyas, great times in Ancaria Didnt even know that Multiplayer was shut down... Not playing anymore... but if it helps, the game is really great! Barr
  11. Looks like it is 1 influence per silver (Guild Promoter). That seems a little steep to me, at least in the beginning. It may be a steal later when we are drowning in coin. Genenut (guild leader elect) Lord of the North daemonrocks23 me Flooxim Kiyeri Kriv Ryan Wygram Zodiak Scleameth gogo Schot There were a couple of other Ice and Blood regulars who made noises about it, but they have not participated in any of the GW2 discussion in a long while. Edit: Added daemonrocks23. Heyas, I know that both Immali and Chrona will be there, Immali is trying to persuade me every day, so thats a sure one Barr
  12. Heyas, real srry Gogo... I know that hurts... 58. Come back stronger and avenge her! Barr
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