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  1. Actually the maximum number isn't that surprising because this is just the range of unsigned int type. As it goes for Sacred 1, it is impossible that they would have used unsigned short int, because it would mean that the maximum gold is 65 535 and we know it isn't. I'd also say that I don't believe they'd use signed types so it's either the same (4 294 967 295) or maybe they used 64-bit type (long long/QWORD) which would give us the maximum amount of 18 446 744 073 709 551 615. But to me, it doesn't make any sense and probably I can safely say: Sacred 1 has the same value of maximum gold as S
  2. So the Greed ability is very useful since it really helps with finding all these rare items. The problem is, as Dragon Brother already mentioned, that base chance for finding a rare item is rather low. Actually, I always valued 2 other statistics above the one provided with Greed, that is Survival Bonus and just raw amount of mobs killed. I don't think it's effective to just walk around and look for "champion" mobs or even take a really long walk just to kill a dragon. The way to gather as many rare items as possible is to kill as many monsters as possible. So now you want to find a spot where
  3. You can access this cave from Bellevue. For more accurate descriptions You should probably search through the internet, it will give more information I guess. From www.sacred.pl : And yeah, this is the same place as the quest You mentioned
  4. If we do count Finished Prototype Sword then we will have some more -Sunglasses - mission on the island in the south-east direction from Khorad-Nur. -Battered Machette and Hockey Mask (Jason items) - both lay on the ground. Available by going through the trees in Drakenden. -Thorwyn's Club - I have no clue how to call the place where it is. Between Hedgenton and Drakenden. There is a way form both of them, through the cave. You end up in very beautiful spot, there should be a grave under the tree. Click on it, your tem wil appear. -Lightsabre (only for Seraphim) - go to the cave in the no
  5. Yes, of course Just one run through lagged BC longed like 6 times more than with any other character I tried to do this with. Dagger Stare only affects about 3-5 mobs at the same time and doesn't deal that much damage, so killing 50-100 mobs that are around You would take ages. Stomping Jump doesn't have large Area of Effect (or maybe it's even single target, I don't remember) and depends on Your % to hit an enemy. Very little time You can save, at least You gain a stun. Yeah it really bored me. My Gladiator turned into a killing machine when I got full Icons+Fadalmar+Andiell but really... an
  6. For wiping out massive waves of mobs (for example when You want to lag some caves) the best are classes with high-damage Area of Effect skills. With this in mind we can already rule out Vampiress and Gladiator. Seraphim has her Rotating Blades of Light and Celestial Light but they deal rather low damage compared to the rest. -Battle Mage: Ice Shards(Blackstaff)/Fire Spiral(Byleth). Both builds are quite effective but I'm rather a fan of Ice Shards one. Isn't that dependat on terrain as you need enough space around You to cast Fire Spiral. -Daemon: Poison Daemon/Blazing Disc. First one seemed
  7. Just checked it out for You: "I have to leave" "Death can be beautiful like this" "Run for your life" "............." "Argh... heeeeeelp!" "Ahhh, a demon!" And that's pretty much all. I'm not entirely sure wheter there will be some more if You do more quests and will be better recognized in the town, I couldn't test it right now.
  8. The question is, have You even tried to run the server without forcing to work on just one core? I remember my mate had to do so some time ago but I always don't need to do this. It just... works. Also, switch Your type of connection to an ISDN option, no matter what it is in fact. About Your question: you should try it out Yourself, it won't destroy Your PC
  9. File Name: Red HUD File Submitter: Virian File Submitted: 15 Aug 2014 File Category: Sacred Mods Instead of blue color we have a red one. Prepared by game devs, was in texture file. Click here to download this file
  10. File Name: Combo icons File Submitter: Virian File Submitted: 15 Aug 2014 File Category: Sacred Mods Changes 2(? - I don’t remember which were the „correct” ones) combo icons. Another one able to find in texture file. Click here to download this file
  11. File Name: Seraphim: Recolors File Submitter: Virian File Submitted: 15 Aug 2014 File Category: Sacred Mods Recolor different Seraphim parts: -> Head and hair: blue, green, red, brown, brown with a mask -> Gloves: black -> Bra: black -> Panties/stockings: blue/colorful (for those who don’t want any changes in „main” suit), blue/black (for those who don’t want any changes in „main” suit), black/colorful, black/black -> Boots: black (on the last screen), black with a green pattern Just to make things clear: SERA_black_stockings_black = Black suit set with black st
  12. File Name: Seraphim: Ice Elf File Submitter: Virian File Submitted: 15 Aug 2014 File Category: Sacred Mods Aaaaand there we go with another Ice Elf! This time a druid. Idle animation is a bit broken. Click here to download this file
  13. File Name: Dark Elf: Ice Elf File Submitter: Virian File Submitted: 15 Aug 2014 File Category: Sacred Mods Captain stated that now he’s on the „light side” - beacuse why not. Click here to download this file
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