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  1. Sleep more your just stressed out, I was like that a few days ago when I kept getting bad news after bad news after bad news, I took a nice long nap had a cigarette took my dog out to a dog park and played fetch with him, when I came back home I felt a lot better. Like cyc said do stuff that relax your mind above is only an example their are hundreds of things you can do =D
  2. more pics of the girl =P (got her to use her own photobucket for once, instead of spamming mine : P )
  3. In case you were wondering, "no, we didn't want to see a picture of you naked." - Ike oh pfft I edit'd that part out, and IKE! <3 also borg dosent get much better than that, I want a bike like that =[, maybe in 10 years ill be able to...
  4. lol my new ingame name is "Atrin" I took out the h because of stalker game admins that dont like me
  5. hmm not sure if I put my newest picture in here yet but my buddy was asking for it so I guess not that sign is for new ogame ingame name in uni9 xD [not bad for a football jock =x ] ah anouther one from a lan party at 3am a looong while back (bout a year+ish) notice my epic win hair? its called counter strike nerds trying to out run each other early in the morning, the after effect is not a pretty sight >_> and yes... in that 2nd picture I was naked ^^ lan parties rock.
  6. 1. What color pants are you wearing? Blue jeans 2. What are you listening to right now? SUICIDE SILENCE - Bludgeoned 3. What was the last thing you ate? MONKEY BREAD! 4. Do you wish on stars? lol no 5. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? black 6. What is the weather right now? semi rainy 7. Favorite drink? Diet coke 8. Favorite sport? Football/soccer 9. Hair color? Brown/Black 10. Do you wear contacts? nope 11. Siblings? two 12. Favorite month? Dec 13. Favorite food? MONKEY BREAD! 14. What was the last movie you saw at the theater? Saw v =x 15. Favorite day of the year
  7. I love shifty and giggles <3 girlfriend hates the show and yells at me for watching it but I love it
  8. ah sorry for not replying on this sooner, I lost my dark password and it wasent till coming back in ogame that I re-found the dark forum link and did a password reset anyways I talked to the head of the college about it backed it up with a few people I remember seeing it as it was and that guy who grabbed me by the neck was a neo-nazi skin head > : l anyways my suspension stayed as is but they said they would not put it on my transcript so all is wright in the world ^_^
  9. anyone ever heard of this before? Its bread with cinnamon some yummy gooey sweet stuff in the bottom and it comes in like a big bowl, you stuff it in the microwave for about 1 minute then eat it; its my favorit ogame late night snack I recommend it to anyone and EVERYONE ive yet to meet a person who hasn't liked it. Go out buy it try it and lemme know what you guys think! I like to sprinkle a little Tabasco sauce on it before eating <3
  10. dec 19th... 1990 day of the hell risers, very suiting I like to think (LOVE THE SMILEY SO MUCH!)
  11. naw, Im back in ogame, 4 days in and im already at 2.974 (Rank 1.025 of 2.243) the rank is saddening considering it means well over half uni9 is in noob protection but bright side for me is their are GREAT noob farms =D! and thanks cyc heres a pic of me, took it about 2 nights ago when I was given a heads up about something I thought it was such a funny occasion I barrowed the gfs camera phone and took one =D (I dont think I look to bad for a football line backer ^^) notice the missing h XD Edit: My fantastically amazing spelling/grammer
  12. best intro title EVER, Im a huge diablo II fan I still play it with the girlfriend sometimes ^^
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