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  1. I never had trouble with GOG games but I contacted steam and it is a known isseu it happens sometimes with updates to steam that some game data can get corrupted, I had to delete and reinstall everything to get it to work again .
  2. IS it just that the steam version is really crap ? I mean a lot of the times I get a bloody error And all the solutions steam is giving are not working...... God I hate steam at times , ok most of the time.
  3. Thanks I need to vote on GOG games more often , I got sacrted there and I have to say I love GOG more then steam , where steam is more like the indirect forcefull uncle "( but they call it incentive , yea thats just a fancy word for it but I am not going into that) I got the expansion the only reason I got it on steam I will check the mods out , thanks for the reply
  4. I have the game on pc , and xbox 360 I am geek , get over it. What are some nice mods to make the game "better"? and as a total steam noob ( not a big fan of steam I prefer GOG ) how do I install them ?
  5. I think sacred 1 had a larger map and the expansion added th eunderwold to it that was half the size of the base games map, So yes sacred 2 has a larger map then world of war craft as world of war craft is contrifed out of several loose maps. in an over arching game world, where sacred 2 placed the expansions ......expansion ( god I hate me for saying that) on the same map and made the map it self larger . But taking expansions out of the sum shows that sacred 2 is larger then the base game of WoW. IT is the same reason you cannot say minecraft has the largest map , as there is no map
  6. The game is mean , and unforgiving hard at times, you can only cary like 4 potions and when you die in a boss fight, you have to do it again WITHOUT the potions . But in a side scrollign brawler it is kinda fun , but I would suggest getting it when it is cheap . or free. or they pay you money to play it. or threaten you to watch the justing bieber movie if you dont play it .
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