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  1. the petals of an iris. If a tree breaths through it's leaves what happens when it sneezes?
  2. Welcome Sharrakor. Don't worry that feeling of making a mistake never seems to go away. Just wait until you hit level 75 and have to pick that very last skill. I still get a little stressed about it even though I have built countless toons since I started playing in Feb. Enjoy the game and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.
  3. Rudy, at the end when the whole stadium all starts chanting his name and he gets put into the game. Then he makes a tackle and the whole place just erupts. That ending just makes my water table rise.
  4. I don't answer personal questions can you kill two birds with one stone?
  5. Some mundane nonsense from Creed. My co-worker is going down in about two minutes
  6. They become the last npc in the "something wonderful" quest chain. Should I continue the beatings until moral improves?
  7. A monkey, an evil, evil monkey. For whom does the bell toll?
  8. Not the first time, but maybe the second. So should I go paper or plastic?
  9. When it comes to beer, maybe. How often should I wash the sheets on my bed?
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