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  1. here is a countdown for the release https://www.pathofexile.com/bestiary It is 9pm in our time so we usually just play like 3-6 hours before we take break to sleep until we continue the next day.
  2. gonna play on release as every league with some buddies feel free to join
  3. I know of 6 people, including me, who are still active playing PoE. We are all from middle Europe so maybe we have different online times. It is now the last few days of the one-month-race and almost 2 weeks left until the new challenge leagues starts so at least I will not be online that much as at the beginning of the one-month when I was playing at least 50% of the time. The motivation is not that high for me to start a new build now but I can't wait for the expansion pack to be released considering the changes that has already been announced. I also hope we can play with you together in the next times because it's so much fun to play in a party. And the bigger the party, the more fun it is!
  4. Its the time between two challenge leagues. Some are still playing the One-Month-Race atm. I'm sure there will be more people beeing active wiith the next big content update when the next challenge leagues start on August, 20th.
  5. I think it was around level 58-60. At that point I spent some currency in buying gear to be prepared for the endgame. My strategy was at first searching for the items with potential high ES (chest, shield). Some gear slots are set with uniques I cant/didn' want replace (Aurumvorax, Bones of Ullr, Aurseize, Perandus Signet) After that there are just a few gear slots left to fill with items got get max resists and highest possible ES. When you look at the gems you use, you may need some additional attributes when they become level 20 (best way to get on ammy, I use citrine base amulet for dex and str). I tried to get mana on most of the items to be able to play with that many auras. Thats only possible with the aura passives I have (reduced mana reserved, increased radius, increased effect). The radius I very nice for summoner to inprove the minions. The increased effect passives are stronger the more auras you can use because it affects all auras. If you have any questions feel free to ask my ingame. I don't check this forum that often.
  6. I'm actually playing my CI Summoner with almost zero Armour and ~6.7k ES and 4 auras. I'm using Molten Shell and Enduring Cry to protect against physical dmg. Resists are 50+ over max so elemental weakness effects are no problem. To heal my minions I use Flasks, Viatltiy and Rejuvenation Totem. I can do most of the endgame maps up to lvl73 so far. my build
  7. That was a really good and funny Race with a full Party. I didn't expect that we are that good in ranking. Looking forward to the next Party race
  8. Hey guys maybe some remember me from Sacred 2. It's been a looooong time. I'm playing PoE for a while in standard league. Starting in the new HC league at release. I'm looking forward to see some of you ingame. Greetings Slevin
  9. Thank you for taking me to the DM Island when I needed it most.

    After the kind deed. My overall map revealed broke 130%.

  10. As an addendum to that, it's based on the max HP after any total HP reduction mods have been applied. So if you proc Weaken on a monster subsequent % LL attacks will do less leech than if you hit them prior to Weaken (since Weaken reduces their Vitality which reduces their max HP). LL was removed from being able to be procced by spells during the beta, as it made Area of Effect spells (like Radiant Pillar & Firey Ember) too powerful. ...and the damage of %LL is based on the max HP of the enemy when you are on a solo server. The increase of HP with more players has no effect to the damage of the %LL. I'm not sure if that was already said.
  11. I think there are two enemies missing that can also debuff. The Abishai of Dissension and the Inquisitor in light campaign on the bridge in the Great Machine before you come to Nimonuil. He has the same attack as the Furies like the Baneful Smite of the Seraphim, which can debuff.
  12. The demon champ in the cave after Fortress of The Storms spawns higher enemies (Burning Skeleton, level 244).
  13. Thank you for all your compliments. I hope many people will have lots of fun with this toons, especially with the bosskillers which I currently like the most to play with.
  14. File Name: Builds by Slevin File Submitter: Slevin File Submitted: 16 Mar 2011 File Updated: 31 Mar 2011 File Category: Ice & Blood Mixed Builds all toons exported from EU closed net HC 01) Elle Driver - Pyro High Elf - Bargainer - level 200 02) Nina Myers - Pyro High Elf - Bosskiller only - level 145 03) Mr. Goodkat - Ranged Inquisitor - Bosskiller only - level 151 04) Species 6174 - Dual Wield Seraphim - Bosskiller only - level 131 05) Replikator P3X-984 - Source Warden Temple Guardian - Bargainer - level 200 06) Shanna Banana - Melee High Elf - level 159 07) Predator P9C-292 - Source Warden Temple Guardian - Blacksmith - level 200 08) Ash'rak - Melee Temple Guardian - Bosskiller only - level 140 09) Carla Jean - Celestial Magic Seraphim - level 200 10) Stuntman Bob - Astute Supremacy Inquisitor - level 191 11) Stuntman Mike - Mentalism Dragon Mage - level 151 12) Tess Ocean - Nature Weaver Dryad - Bosskiller only - level 113 13) Shanna B. Returns - Ranged Seraphim - Bosskiller only - level 140 Click here to download this file
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