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  1. Hey Gogo Hey all Nice to see you too!
  2. S3 is an insult to all. A grave one...
  3. To be honest Mythos was a decent game and definitely more than a diversion ... well at least at some point. After the relaunched hanbit/frogster still had his moments. Now... well why should we think this time would it be better? One problem was the to much "koreanization" so we didnt liked it and they shut it down. It wont be real different with the "Global" tag. Still... I would like to play it again... ofc it would be even better to put up Sacred UW HC Closed MP servers again
  4. Resurrect Sacred:UW. Never ever before or ater existed a more glorious game. LOl so DS should attempt to resist some greed motivated dumbing the "game down" attempts. The biggest threat is something that happened with the Dungeon Siege series. The 3rd part is out but nothing at all remained from the previous games (well except the name). While sacred 2 was a good game it definitely missed something (a lot of things) that made Sacred:UW what it was. So in Sacred 3 I would like to see Sacred:UW reborn. Sure that wont happen still thats what I would like to see.
  5. Hey Guess what was the Forest Guardian first drop? Thanks for the invaluable tip Spunky! I am in your debt Csaszar
  6. Hey No greaves here but I have found several dret armor at level 30.
  7. Hey I am after this helm: Helmet of Infinite Torment. Thats th elast piece I am missing completting its set. No matter how long I try to farm the griffin or the boar I can find it. Please if you can spare one for a desperate SW explorer please donate a <90 version (can be any level really) - this would make me happy and you all would sleep better. Thanks in advance, Csaszar ah and ofc in case someone wouldnt know I am playing Sacred EU closed HC
  8. Hey Recently I have started to build a magic oriented dryad and I would be glad to hear your opinions about her. The original thought were to build a pure nature druid with bargaining. But then while fooling around with Moribund Animus from the big scorpion boss a yellow insect head dropped. I am no expert with the dryad but I heard theese heads are quite rare and the scorpion it summons is one of the best vodoo minion you could have. So I am uncertain now how to continue my driad. Should I pick vodoo focus or not? If I do it I would need to plan the skill selection again. This far at level 35 I have the following skills: Nature Weaver Lore Nature Weaver Focus Ancient Magic Concentration Shield Lore Armor Following the original plan I would pick theese skills: Enhanced Perception Bargain Constitution Combat Discipline Now the question is: is it worth picking Cabalistic Voodoo Focus? The scorpion summon seems interesting but I am not sure it can justify to drop either Constitution or Combat Discipline. How effective is that scorpion (or any other summon) at the long run? Sure if I would forget EP and Bargain it wouldnt be a problem to pick Vodoo focus and (for example) spell resistance but the whole point of this build is to have a higher level char with bargain. I dont have other dryads to support her with the needed equipment (especially damage mitigation armors) so she must trade for herself. So is that summon worth to drop CD? Without CD regen times and damage of the Vine would suffer. Dropping constitution seems to be an even worse idea with the fire weakness and the lack of spell resistance. I dont like starting chars over and over again (still I did it with this girl) but if you have a solution I might do it again. +Nature Weaver Lore +Nature Weaver Focus cant drop theese while retaining the build original purpose. +Enhanced Perception +Bargain same as above +Concentration The secong buff slot is required for the summon +Ancient Magic I think the added damage and the mastery bonus will be required at higher difficulty lvls. Still its one of the possible skills to drop. +Shield Lore It opens up armor and constitution. Either this or Spell resistance or combat reflex - never tried shield lore this far so I thought I would try it. +Armor I strongly doubt that I ever started a char without Armor lore. Seems unavoidable to take it. +Constitution Ice+Magic+Fire(especially fire) could lower my Hp very fast. Without a bigger HP pool the healing effect of the Bark couldnt help me staying alive. So I think this one is required as well. So I have 2 skills to drop in favor of Vodoo focus: either CD or Ancient Magic. The questions: #1 is vodoo, the summon worth to drop either of thoose skills (or ather skills if you have a better idea)? #2 if yes which skill should be dropped? ----------------------------------------------- #3 is there a way to go around bargain? - I need volunteers to shop tirelessly damage mitigation stuff for my char I would wave good bye to bargain if I would have a suit with enough DM on it. #4 Would she be playable outside the Swamp and orc area (poison and phys resists)? Thank you for your time and your thoughts Csaszar
  9. Hey The story continues.... I asked CDV (they were really helpful & friendly) for help and they made my 2nd activation key region free. Sweet. I can activate the game without any problem but when I try to create a new online account it says: "invalid activation code".
  10. Ok sorted out the problem. Its partially my fault because I didnt researched the stuff before I went out and bought a new copy of the game. The first time I bought the collectors edition but this time the localised version of the game (Hungary). Of course the 2 versions activation keys and lobbys are different and cannot be used together. Now I bought an absolutely unnecessary 2nd account which I will never use - cannot use. Great. But why I am surprised.... messing up stuff is standard Ascaron routine.
  11. on a closer look itells me exactly: "Your activation code is not valid" err... I activated and it started the game. The problem comes when I try to start a new account. Even more confused....
  12. Hey just bought an another copy of Sacred2. On my other PC I revoked the activation and used the new activation code without any problem - the game starts and it tells me I activated it. Now I go to multiplayer and try to create a new account - thats the point I bought an another copy - but now I cant do that. Here Sacred 2 tells me that my code is not yet activated. I have no clues what to do now or how to proceed... any ideas? I would appreciate a solution
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