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  1. Hello all! Is there a way to remove the elemental animation that appears when a weapon has a secondary damage type added? I like to see my sword instead of the giant flash of fire floating around it. Any config settings to change in order to remove these effects? Thanks
  2. I meant to say Death Warrior. I think my next choices in order will be the one that gives you three combo choices, then Malevolent Champion. Thanks for replying
  3. Due to my outrage of the SW never having bargaining in his list of choices, I decided to ride Enhanced Perception as much as I can with a sword+shield guy. I just turned level 12, so I must ask, is my future going to look grim on Silver? Blacksmith Armor Lore EP Sword Lore DW Focus This is my first post, so I hope there are still some active users around!
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