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  1. Can anyone explain to me how it is possible to reach level 42 and the only items I ever get above yellow come as quest rewards and it's the same crappy items again and again. I have 7 or 8 Circle of Life rings, 3 items ( 2 handed sword, 2 handed spear and 2 handed staff) that repeat 2-3 times each and the only set items I ever get are also the same - 3 Parachu axes and 2 shields from the same set and 3 times the wings from the Neocasta set. The wings are the only one of those that are remotely useful to me. Even the axes are worse than the 2 lightsablers I got more than 15 levels before. I even experimented by manually replacing my save files folder at the end of the wedding quest to see if I get anything useful. I did it after I got piffed at the third neocasta wings I got. Nope. Only drops an item every 1 out of 5 reloads and it is the same crap items. I got a dagger with +8.6% better loot and nothing changes except now instead of Circle of Life ring it drops the amulet counterpart and the slightly higher stat Cry of Rebellion sword. When it drops set items (got only 2 in over 100 tries) it is still the stupid Parachu axe and shield of the same set. What is going on. This is the 4th Seraphim I make with that build over the years (due to lost save files). I am way higher level than I usually am (43 instead of 23) but I am way weaker than usual since I have no items at all. At this point I usually have at least 4-5 set items I am wearing, with another 7-8 in stash and bunch of uniques. I read that some items got pushed to higher tiers, but how is it the super rare times you get one, it is the same item you already have? I have no awareness skill or bargaining skill picked up but the whole reason I installed this mod was to be able to use the extra number of skill slots and 6 CA upgrade slots (and the fixed upgrades that are broken in Vanilla and CM patch) in pure combat character. If this is intended behavior can I fix it by altering balance.txt and changing DropMaxRandomRare = 12, and the ZRareExpectationXX lines? Thanks. EDIT: Nope doesn't work. No matter how I alter it that way, everything that drops are some super extra rare items. Still no set items except that one time it dropped the same stupid shield I have been getting until now. The rare items also repeat. I love most of the changes this mod does over CP, but this issue makes it unplayable. I was fine with the undead legion quest not dropping the reward sword it is supposed to and having to manually remove that one enemy that 2 shots you, that was taken from the diablo mod, but I guess its time to reinstall the game again and start a new character.

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