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  1. I've placed the installer in my sacred 2 directory but it says it can't find the file path and I need to manually assign the target destination, am I meant to put it in one of the sub folders or something?
  2. I tried doing a search but nothing came up. I am a Shadow Warrior and have a 25.7% xp boost from gear and whenever I use a potion of the mentor it effects are not being applied. Now I know that the 10% xp from Dragon Mage overrides all other sources of xp boost but I was under the impression that gear boosts stack with potions am I mistaken or what? I am using CM patch 1.5
  3. back tracked and yeah that was indeed the problem, thanks
  4. I actually don't remember which path I took, I think I took light path I think. When I went to the cave labatory I clicked on the table and the screen shook and I said "oh ooh" but nothing else happened. And I have triend leaping over the wall but that hasn't worked either Edi sorry just saw the link, I've had a few drinks so I missed them hahah thanks
  5. So I'm stuck at this gate I've tried turning the wheel I'm standing in front of but nothing has happened. The only quest marker thing is on the other side and here is no other switches or anything around so what do I do to get the gate to open?
  6. Ah ok fair enough I'll just see how I go then I'm the same in that I like using as many abilities as possible but at the same time I like being able to deal as much damage as possible passively as well so if possible I always take pets/companions
  7. Gear and passives can't offset that? I have a dragon mage with familiar and guardian both of which add over 50% to recharge each and with passive I can still cast Destroyer almost instantly, although I am only level 16
  8. Sorry if this is the wrong place I'm obviously new haha. I recently picked up Sacred 2 and with it's size and rather lack of tutorial somethings are rather confusing, I was reading about the Zealous Doppleganger in the wiki and came across this line: "Keeping him as a spell will allow memorizing significant ZD runes number, increasing his combat values without any penalty" Which raises a question, I under stand that getting runes and using them increases a skills level (and ZD runes means Zealous Doppleganger runes) what I don't understand is it saying the runes will increase his combat v
  9. Loving the look of the Druid and Necro. The way the summons are all buffs does that mean that they are pernamnet and no need to be re-summoned as they are immortal the same way the Dragon Mages' guardian seems to be? Also with the Necro does that mean you can only have a couple skeletons due only being able o have 2 buffs or have you changed that?
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