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  1. OMG UPDATE !!!!! I'm back to playing sacred2 while waiting for Diablo4 so I finished all change in wait. I also past the change into the last Purist version of Spellls.txt last version of Purist some little change some bug (wrong flag, wrong mod number) improved changelog !!!!!! I also add a file with the High Elf only to make it easier to copy/past into I'm looking for a new spell FX for my Glacial Thorn. the VFX is good but the projectile is ground locked and the SFX is too loud. Google drive : https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/17vgio4adHZPYvFFsYVh908Jd2dz9tTJe Nexus mod : SOON(tm)
  2. Found a strange things with missile_adapt. using higher value to get more projectile can lead to having less projectile at after some CA level. I didn't find why, It may be related to the second parameter but I wasn't enable to confirm it. So I use 2 lines to add a second missile. entry5 = {"et_missile_adapt", 300, 10, 0, 8 }, entry6 = {"et_missile_adapt", 300, 10, 0, 8 }, I began to test at level 140+ in nob. Already did a few balance change, I think I will do a few more.
  3. I use N++ compare plugin. But it have it's limit so I can see the purpose of your tool. Good job.
  4. I found out that HE set was build with modifier that don't work on Spell CA : Critical hit, regen per hit, leech life. So I list them here : change "Chance for Critical hits" in HE items. Adornments of the Ancestors - Mitts of the Ancients. >>>> Magic Coup is Hybrid CA = OK ? Celdrahil's Pandemonium - Celdrahil's Flames. Faladal's Blizzard - Faladal's Gloves. Velaria's Heirloom - Hoods & Arms. >>>> seem like a set for use with Weapon (Offensive skill, Attack value, ...) = OK ? Virgo's Revenge - Hands. >>>> seem like a set for use with Weapon (Ranged Weapon, Attack value, ...) = OK ? change "Leech Life from Opponents" in HE items. Adornments of the Ancestors - set bonus. >>>> HP Regen ? change "Regeneration time per Hit" in HE items. Faladal's Blizzard - Faladal's Gloves. >>> Chance to halve Regen Time ? Interestingly, there's 3 set that are obviously designed for use with Weapon as they have Offensive skill, attack value, or things like that. So it's ok to keep those modifier in it. But I question Dev choice here as HE has only 1 Hybrid CA and no Weapon CA at all. Anyway, I might have to look at ALL set (and maybe some HE unique) as they have strange design choice, like Dexterity, lack of defensive modifier, etc. And look at the lack of good caster unique weapon (there's like 3 good choice, 4 maybe). For Critical Hits, there's a few possibility : Aspect Lore or Intelligence. increase Crit but also increase damage, etc. Damage (Fire, Ice, Magic, ...). Ancient Magic. For Leech Life, there's very little possibility. The best choice is HP regen/s. For Regeneration time per hit, the only good replacement is chance to half regeneration time per half. I'm open for any idea or correction. I may have missed a few HE item.
  5. So it might be related to quest marker send you to the closed cave entrance, even if it's the wrong cave ...
  6. NOrthland expedition, in the name of God quest. The door for Haenir cave is locked when we have to go kill him
  7. new bug : When taking the quest to kill the griffin (The Griffin), it start the timer of the Hunting Fever quest. take a screen but no UI on screen ...
  8. I will look at what I can do WHat is hardcoded, the spell tokens (in spell.txt), the ID (in blueprint.txt), ... ? From my understanding, the effect describe in blueprint was hard-coded while the token was just a script reference for easily pass parameter to it. Seem like it was the contrary ...
  9. So if I want to add a potion effect to a spell, I just have to get is ID in Blueprint and create a token in spell.txt to name it ? mgr.addTokenBonus( {"et_OP_effect", id.blueprint }) I was looking at the banish and want to add some Chance to Banish Undead instead of Damage to Undead.
  10. Found a bug with an event in El-Darrag. There's should be a fight starting when you first enter the village. But it don't start for me. I try to save/re-load, Teleport to another city and game back, restart the game, etc. Edit: removed PFP, the event start as soon as teleport in.
  11. And it's done !!! The mod can be found here : Google Drive Google doc for a list of change, will be added as file for v1. Zip version to put into MODS. standalone version for those who just want to look at the change. I have put some thought in red in the FAQ and will list any idea or change based on feedback. I'm good with most change except for Fire Demon and Raging Nimbus. I have moved around a lot of Mod to make choice feel better. All feedback are welcome. (edit : I won't do tooltip change as I don't want to play with Dll. I might change gloabl.res for description if I have time) (edit 2 : change title and add a small description in OP)
  12. I'm in the process of cleaning, commenting and reviewing all change. It should be available for testing SOON (tomorrow ...) edit : teasing
  13. that what I do. and It worked, just not like I wanted. But thanks for the explanation. That's why I take lot of times testing edit : and I mod from PFP
  14. RIP My Ice version of "et_invert_armor_phy" don't really work as expected. It increase Ice damage based on how much Armor the target as. But seem like it scale with Phy armor, not Ice armor. Will add some base phy damage, I will use the base version at a low value and it will work fine. Next week, I will start the Fire spell change.
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