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  1. I would say yes, you can start collecting your zoo pretty early iirc ;) btw regarding MTX, the devs just posted this today : https://www.taptap.io/post/1622724 (the video snippets are terribly cut tho, or not fully uploaded yet?) it's a lot of blablah, but what they are repeatedly saying is: what they are not saying, is, however, that the cash shop would really be 100% cosmetics only, so we shall see
  2. unfortunately not although I guess theoretically it could be. there were a few mods when it was released years ago but it's all abandoned projects now. after the devs went silent (again) earlier this year for a long period, it was unclear what eas going to happen if anything at all. fact seems to be, they're still recruiting people for their team in france, some job descriptions say its for an unannounced project in unreal engine 5. rumour has it thats its most likely about an engine shift or switch from current cry engine over to Unreal 5 engine.. but could theoretically be an entirely new game as well. with the last dev update that came prior to the current patch a few days ago, they at least confirmed they will continue wolcens story by adding at least act 4 that has been promised right from the start.. theyre working on it, who knows how long it will take however.. cant wait, am curious how they resolve the current cliffhanger after act 3,and what they have in mind when they say it's tailored towards replayability /new endgame activities.. by the time then I might have a new gfx card my 1050 ti 4gb is just way too slow now, need a new one.. dont care which one or if used/new, just noticeable faster but stuff is still so expensive.. would even go for a second hand one if its from a trustworthy seller.. not sure if I can wait much longer, middle class of the next gen won't hit shelves 2022..
  3. yo! you there! all you lazy potatoes on your couch over there! Move it! Pronto! Nah, just kidding, no need to get up, at least not for Wolcen, it's now no longer necessary anymore, remain seated at ease I had almost forgotten about this game, but it just popped up in my steam 'what's new' area : it appears, that today, Wolcen released it's 'controller support' patch some have been asking over & over again.. so they managed to 'quickly' implement it as promised / demanded, and here we are, only a few patches and almost exactly 2 years later dare to 'fire it up' ? anyone? ;)
  4. at least it's clear right from the start that the video is sponsored by the developer/publisher yes, I believe that's still what they are saying, "we won't have pay2win" and/or "pay2progress" however, I personally would not take his or their (or any developer's/publisher's word) at face value, (see how that went regarding blizzard and diablo:immortal.. ^^ ) from my personal experience with the last TL:I beta, here's what I saw so far: * the cash shop wasn't functional / fully implemented yet. * I noticed several progression/currency systems that appear to be tailored towards monetarisation, but neither does it necessarily mean "pay2win" nor "pay2progress" or both.. for example, the way you aquire those lovely pets: it's random draws, and your chance to get the one you would love or desire the most, can be increased, boosting those draw/drop rates, by spending that special currency you found ingame (or maybe, bought in the cash shop) the thing is with pets, they are not only cosmetic, they also all have different passive effects which contribute towards your characters stats in the end; the higher the rarity level, the more interesting they look and the more valuable/desirable stats they will also have. I can't tell how 'important' those will be, if at all, at some point in endgame eg.. they sure don't look like mandatory or must haves, but still, they might have a noticeable effect after all, I donno (haven't made it that far to aquire any legendary pet in order to compare) my point is, * I don't believe it's going to be 100% "cosmetics" only like PoE (which also isn't entirely true, if you keep the inventory/item management stuff in mind) * I do believe there will be stuff on their shop that will help you adavance faster or easier at some point, by directly boosting certain stats or exchange real cash for ingame currency. * I do believe it won't be as bad as in Diablo:Immortal however, but am unsure what that will mean in the end / long run, anyway? => as in: how much will it have to be 'better' than D:Immortal to be considered 'good' and not 'still bad' after all) I wasn't expecting much from these kind of mobile games, yet still, I was surprised how much I really 'disliked' or 'neglected' D:Immortal right from the start, and in the same way I was also surprised that I quite enjoyed playing a little bit of TL:Infinite instead, every now and then, in short sessions. (my body can't endure long sessions anymore, like it used to do, not even on PC^^) TL:Infinite was the first game I played on mobile - in years..! and I guess still more hours in total than all others combined before that^^.. which basically only involve Snake on an old Nokia during the pre-smartphone era, and helping out my gf with some candy crush levels every now and then, back when she used to play it.. btw, They just recently announced that Torchlight:Infinite's Open Beta Test will start in Oct '22 (not sure if it's mentioned in the video you posted) : you should also now be able to find the game in your corresponding app store (either apple or google's thing), so no need to head over to their tap tap platform first, anymore.. (which still remains an option) : https://apps.apple.com/app/torchlight-infinite/id1593130084 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xd.TLglobal if you have questions or are interested, I guess most infos, they post on their discord chatter or twitter thingy.
  5. Blizzard just announced that Diablo IV 'is coming 2023' , that the final 5th charclass will be the Necromancer, that there will be Cross-Platform Play & Cross-Platform Save. and also "Couch-Co-Op" for the console versions: https://news.blizzard.com/en-us/diablo4/23816540/all-hell-breaks-loose-in-2023-diablo-iv-is-coming also, you can now "pre-register" for a chance to participate in future beta test(s) : https://diablo4.blizzard.com Cya !
  6. Just deinstalled the game on my phone. I'll keep it installed on my pc tho, and might touch it again in the future, but only : * if blizzard consolidates/merges the server infrastructure Jungle - so it's less fragmentation and easier for friends to join each other from all over the world. * if they introduce a new char class (when you start the game, imho d:I has little next to nothing interesting to offer right now if you know the ins & outs of d3 already.. the only interesting thing is thats on phone now) * if they fix PC resolution settings and zoom level ( since I found out mobile phone gaming givesme physical pain all over my body, I rely on the pc port, and than one just looks strange on a 4k uhd monitor right now) * if they reconsider their monetarization model, eg. adjust item drop / gem upgrade costs etc. (yes, if its true and some can really have ~30hrs of fun with it as f2p before you hit the hard paywall, thats awesome! but if you'd then like to continue/compete? what then?) only if they do at least 2 out of these 4, I'll give it another try
  7. hey Dax! well imho there's still a big difference between being "addicted" to a game or harmful, mind altering substances.. yes, those "lootbox" orientated games can be very harmful too to some individuals, at times, just like the real "money gambling games" you find in casinos.. but, personally I believe it's bull:eek:, the trend of companies releasing such games, but the prohibition of them, as well. thats a little bit over reacting, no? what I see endangered by those game the most, is not peoples finances, lives, health or sanity, but simply just the loads of fun you could have with it if these mechanics and monetarization models werent there.. simply put, I "hate" every developer or game, in which it becomes too obvious the company is interested way more in our money than instead of us just having fun. imho it's not all set into stone regarding diablo immortal, maybe they give in to the feedback all over the net.. but, it still is sad to see what they had in mind with this game.. milking the cash cow; trying to attract both as many little fish swarms and big whales at the same time, or what it's called.. they almost caught me too on first attempt, as well but they forgot to fix their fishing net, their impractical server structure + no fresh char class left two loop holes in it through which I escaped before they pulled the thing out of the water.
  8. forgot to mention: blizzard staff at least already confirmed that they might look into the server situation and see if they could change it , in a way that leads to less "fragmentation" of the player base
  9. im not there yet, I havent hit "that wall" .. I will play it and try to complete at least the story acts / main campaign. lets see how it goes.. but the reason why im not doing it even right now right away, has been mentioned by gogo as well: I, for one, am also surprised/disappointed to see not even one single new character class as well? why did they miss out on that one, I'll never understand... I would hate "feeling like I have to buy ingame currency/materials or temporary boosters" I would prefer almost everything else, eg. a wow-like monthly subscription based model, if it was cheap enough to equal lets say... 60 € max per year.. or pay once each time to unlock next act, some sort of episodic/season DLC model, or if they would sell permanent stuff.. much like inventory slots which I believe they have, they could just do permanent boosters to mf, drop rate, run speed and such.. anyway , whatever I get for my cash I'd like to keep. having to buy temporary stuff has always been bad so far. Im already curious how far ill get without spending a single dime, and then, if/when it stops being fun.. but as said, itll have to wait.. busy with torchlight infinite until 18.june.
  10. no gogo, they do not only sell cosmetics, yes, they also don't sell you "bis" items directly.. but they artifically slow down progression drastically at some point, it becomes reeally really slow, so I have read. and what they then want you to buy, is boosters that allow to find more & better items in dungeons, a lot faster ( increased drop rate/quantity). you can also level up your gems which gives you more power, by buying the materials you need to do so. those can all be found ingame without spending real money so I have understood, yes. but at a much much slower rate, at some point you will perhaps feel like you won't be able to move on "to the next level" if you dont spend cash, I dont know.. im far away of even completing the first aera act.. I guess im level 13 or so a mayor draw back and a big concern, is server structure, your next question: in diablo 3, you had basically one big server/realm for america, one for europe and one for asia I believe. now, they get further divided, eg. europe gets first split up into several countries eg. Germany, Italy, France, and once again, then they have each their own sub-server shard/realm, which is finally where you chars are created& stored. a north american char cant join someone in europe. okay thats the same it used to be in d3 I think. but, you even cant join someone from france when you are on a German realm, yes, not even if youre from the same server region if you happen to have chars on american server A and your friend on american server B. it totally sucks and renders the whole 'play anywhere' cross platform idea useless imho ad absurdum.. long story short: if you click on the server name shown on the start up main screen, and change to any where else, you will always have to start over from scratch. plus, it makes it harder to gather up and play together like we used to in path of exile, sacred, or diablo 3..
  11. as you may have read elsewhere, I recently tried out Torchlight Infinite & Diablo Immortal, but I'm having my difficulties: I never played mobile games before, or at least not for the last few years, and even before then, never seriously.. ( I think the last one I tried out briefly was Fallout Shelter or Pokemon Go, and before that, Nokia's Snake, like 2 and a half decades ago? ) since I bought myself a used Motorola G100 recently, I thought - why not give it a try now? (huge upgrade for me compared to the old phone I had before - not the Nokia claybrick from stoneage mentioned above, but an old Xiaomi Redmi 5A), well - found out mobile gaming - is terrible. at least, if the game I want to play has no controller support: If I have to hold the device near my lap or table to rest my arms at ease, it's a terrible pain in the neck, literally. If I hold the phone higher, my arms start to hurt or feel numb soon. Unfortunately, Torchlight Infinite has no controller support, so that I could rest my arms at ease at a lowered position holding the controller, and placing the phone=screen somewhere more on eye - level so I could hold my head straight and not having to squint downwards. Diablo Immortal on the other hand, has controller support & even it's PC version is out now (but looking ugly imho).. however, on first sight, I thought why should I waste my free hours for this even if it suddenly looked good on PC? I've seen all these Charclasses & most skill sets before, where's the fresh & new stuff ? So, what I'm waiting for now, (besides controller support for TL:infinite and a new char class for D:Immortal) , is public multiplayer rollout for Last Epoch, so I could return to PC
  12. Well, Hello So sorry, I wanted to post this a few days / weeks ago but completely forgot... : I was browsing the steam forum boards related to some of my other h&s arpg's I got over there, including games I'm currently playing, been playing recently, or looking forward to play again.. Namely, that is Wolcen, PoE, Titan Quest, and Last Epoch (the latter I'm waiting for eagerly, want to start playing as soon as they implement and roll out multiplayer to public) and I think it was inside the Last Epoch forum, where someone compared LE's minion builds to other games, and somehow somewhere, someone dropped the name of a game called Torchlight Infinite.. Whoa, man did I look surprised, I guess.. Had never heard about that one before.. completely under & off my radar.. ! WHY is there a Torchlight game that I don't already know of, and hasn't been mentioned yet on any of the 'big' gaming news sites I usually browse? Then I found out, why: 1) Torchlight Infinite is (currently) a game only for mobile phones (google android & Apple iOS) : official Torchlight Infinite website can be found here https://torchlight.xd.com/ That might explains it, why I never heard or read about it yet: 2) it's still pretty new , and I usually never play, and also never browse mobile game sites. Also, sites like Gamestar.de are usually pretty slow and often just pick up and do reports about games when they are already known & hyped everywhere anyway. A PC version is planned & in development but hasn't been released yet. 3) It's developed and/or published by "XD Inc" , I had to look it up, found out I never played any of their games they mention on their site: https://www.xd.com/about-us/?lang=en 4) It's currently in public/closed beta, exlusively on "taptap.io" another thing that was new to me, turns out XD co-founded that games distribution platform. guess that's why it's currently exlusively distributed over that platform/portal - you can find Torchlight Infinite on taptap over here: https://www.taptap.io/app/227017 so, what exactly can you expect from this game? I currently haven't played that much yet, but got to level 25 and enjoyed it pretty much: * there seems to be a lot more depth to this game compared to TL3 at least, maybe also D3 * fair amount of skill & character customization * it runs - but sometimes with drastical limitations reg. framerate&visuals - even on 'older' or 'lower class/entry level' tablets, also including devices that won't be able to download & run Diablo Immortal - Eg. My Samsung Galaxy A7 Tab from I believe 2020/21, it wont get Diablo Immortal over the store, but I can try Torchlight Infinite instead as an alternative. * TL:Infinite features a similar look & feel like previous installments of the series, regarding it's typical art style, humour, story telling, characters and gameplay. I showed both of them to a colleague @ work today, he prefers the looks of Torchlight over those of Diablo Immortal; I for myself haven't decided yet, I'm okay with both. ( reg. the level of detail & how they look on a small screen - they both look & feel pretty decent, also gameplay wise.. they run at highest settings @ stable 60 fps on my Moto G100 ) I can't really say yet which character & skill development systems I will like better in the end, haven't played TL:Infinite long enough yet (but made it to level 25 and had fun for a few hours) and also haven't even started D:Immortal yet. currently, I think my favourite is going to be Torchlight Infinite in the end, because it's systems and it's characters & skills all feel kinda fresh & unique, in comparison to Diablo Immortal: just launched Diablo Immortal yesterday, and thought "meh, boring. why no new char class? played the existing classes it has to over @ launch up & down for hundreds of hours in D3, why nothing new there..?" (ended up creating both a Crusader&DemonHunter on one of the English, and also on a German Server (both showed roughly the same ping, only france would be slightly better at times I guess) regarding Torchlight Infinite, I'm currently running a machine guy, no idea what's it's class is called right now, but I picked it, because it's got loads of (mechanical) minions, and I just love playing minion builds, I always try them out first in any new game, if it features a dedicated class or skills.. here's a (story/intro?) trailer of Torchlight Infinite: ..and one for the CBT2 that launched end of April : oh, and here's my guy I think, Commander Moto (the mechanical minion dude I chose) :
  13. Hi folks, since Diablo Immortal got released today for mobile & most regions, and tomorrow for PC (beta), I'm wondering: Who's gonna give it a try & play? And if you dare, where ? (Server Region & Server Name) (PS: Just found out charnames are 'unique' per server not per account, unlike in Diablo3, and (imho) unfortunately a lot more like in PoE, eg. Diablo Immortal is only one char=account with name 'X' allowed for region 'Y' on server 'Z' )
  14. Wee Tanks! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1797680/Wee_Tanks/ a work colleague introduced me to it a few weekends ago, it was surprisingly fun to play in party, via the "steam remote play together" feature, which allows inviting other players for some co-op action who don't even need to own the game.. there's even an outdated version on the developer's homepage that won't get any updates anymore, https://www.weetanks.com/ but it's decent to try it out if you don't know anyone who owns the game on steam (it's only a few bucks, anyway..) you can also support it via patreon, which gives you also a steam key & some little extra DLCs etc.. it's still in early access, what you already get now, is a main campaign mode ( I think 100 levels), several survival modes, a level editor, and local co-op or via the aforementioned "steam remote play" function for example..
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