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  1. I really enjoy my playtime with melee paladin with 3 buffs and the mod is getting awesome. I was wondering is there a way to integrate the character creation options from Fallen to your other S2EE mod. I must admit , I tried combining some files, and it worked for Seraphim and Dryad, but not for Barbarian or Druid.
  2. Dear Dmitriy, this addendum mod is quite catchy, so I have downloaded it and gave it a go through the GME. The game runs normally, but in menu I do not see models of my previous heroes, although I see the list of heroes and can load them. After loading, in game, the hero is invisible. I see the interface, hero icon modified, and the terrain, but not the hero. Also, when I try to create new character, the game CTDs. I have tried the game with CP 1.60 right before trying your mod and it went smoothly. Help if you can! With best wishes!
  3. Keep up the good work. I am petrified - it looks amazing. Please, please fix smite of the pala
  4. Dear Flix, when are we to expect new version of the Diablo 2 Fallen mod? We are thirsty.
  5. Thanks for the good answers, Flix! And again, much thanks for the great mod work done. The problem is not with the number of attacks of the paladin - 4 is ok. I will get use to charge and I see benefit of using it. Zeal definitely needs to be redone - faster attack at least. Vengeance should be improved a little - as damage or visual effect. And finally SMITE - not my favorite diablo 2 skill, but my favorite Fallen Mod skill - which regretfully is too buggy. Please fix this beautiful teleport-hit Everything else I could tolerate And keep up with the good work!
  6. Thanks a lot Flix! Great mod! Some bugs, though, are bugging me: 1. My favorite paladin has but 4 melee attacks - zeal is too slow, vengeance is too plain, charge is too uncontrollable and SMITE is very nice but buggy - my character freezes and I need PC res. 2. Fanaticism bugs my party players, making their attack speed insane. It happens only if I have turned it on before them joining the party. After it happens, even if I turn it off, the insane speed remains - only to party members. 3. Half my sets are with textures problems or invisible - Sophia's thing, Paladin's virtue, etc. I tru
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