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  1. Might wanna try different camera angles rotating it sideways to the mobs your trying to hit seems to work for me most of the time when Im trying to focus on one mob.
  2. Thanks it worked like a charm, thats one less mod ill be looking for in items lol.
  3. Awesome stuff, btw do you know how to increase the running speed through modding or changing some ini file ingame ? Been playing this game again and I find it annoying that the running speed is so slow and sometimes faster then using unique mounts on certain characters.
  4. Im having the same problem or should I say dilema aswell on my last skill pick. I've been leveling a new toon soon to hit level 65 and can't decide if I should pick constitution as my last skill or combat reflexes. The toon im lvling is a inquisitor using the staff build from Tapir template but I didnt choose the same skill set as he did since im playing softcore and im planing on going to Niob for those equipment boosts for future chars and Smith arts. I've put all my attribute points on Vitality, and dunno if I should really use constitution at all but I only seem to get a good hp pool is when im mounted, thats why im indecisive about it. Im specced into spell res. and thoughness, armor lore for mitigation alone + atribute points on vit is this enough for Niob at later lvls ? Also I modded Purifying Chastisement Buff diferently from him, I chose damage gold mod instead of damage mitigation.
  5. Yes, thank you gogo and I thought this was supposed to be found in sacred 2 damn lol.
  6. Weird cant see the Link on the top of the page for the video
  7. Right, sounds nice. Is there any chance I could get in or is this more accesible to friends only ?
  8. Looking good that screenshot there, hope I can get a chance to try that future version of the beta. Are they gonna do open beta now after that release D-molisher?
  9. How about modding combat art Ruthless Mutilation with Frenzy on the gold mod instead of Smolder that adds +fire only, isnt it more benefical having double strike ?
  10. Well I used to play Morrowind alot and after Oblivion they changed the game alot because of the way you level and the npcs and mobs all level with you, so I think they made the game more maintstream to appeal to more audiences. So the Longevity of you trying to achieve max level is capped after you max your main skills, I even tried to level with the minor skills so I could try to max level that is around level 55 iirc and it is boring as hell doing this. I think they didnt change this on their next title Skyrim so its gonna be the same thing for ppl trying to achieve max level status so you can achieve Godlyness in this game. The lore is amazing aswell on this game I was really wowed back when I discovered Morrowind. I imagine that the Skyrim one will be more short then the previous ones, but still you get so much of sidequests that it will keep you busy for awhile until DLC's arrive. This time around they implemented dual wield on some gear setups lol that its so going to kick-ass, Im really hoping that it can be possible to fly on the Dragons, instead of using *fast travelling* so much, that would be really WoW like, but it could be really awesome for you to fly to any part of the map and explore stuff.
  11. That stinks right there, Portugal isnt eligible to enter the contest. Its really lame for them to do this in front of everyone.
  12. Does anyone remember how it was when Diablo II hit the scene was it something like this or was it even more obscure like no one cared about it so much.
  13. Yeah I started with the utilitis first, and by mistake maxed also Revered Lore, havent had the chance to pump much on concentration and still havent got revered focus, this is gonna take awhile also cash flow is so damn slow. What good places are there to jump some levels im atm between orc area and human but mostly human still on 20's level area so its going really slow lol.
  14. Hey Dobri, nice build, ive installed the cm patch again and started from scratch with a seraphim and was wondering how you build your Shopper that you have level 140, could you just give me a skill layout to follow plz.
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