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  1. @SX255 quote yajtzee: "...the worst game needn't necessarily be the most objectivly badly made or frustrating one, but the game with the worst intentions. ..." ok, so it's like thief 3... I think the point he tried to make is, that it isn't like thief 1... I never played any games of that series, not my kind of genre, but I've watched this dude for over 6 years now, and if there is a complaint to be made, I value his opinion. The same goes for sim city (5) for example. not really the worst game ever made, but to me personally a load of "you know what" simply because there's not enough of the old sim city left.
  2. I really don't know, what version comes with the disk... didn't really pay attention. As for the "need" to properly apply patches: I wondered whether it would work without. That's what this is all about. I still don't really have any confirmation whether my hang-ups are caused by not properly patching or not. Atm. I'm playing X3-Reunion. So it may take some time until I decide to do a proper install for confirmation. At which time I will, of course, tell you guys. My gaming history is fairly limited, because I restrict myself to "the best of the best". And at no time in the past had I ever as much trouble patching a game as I had with Sacred 2. ... not even close...
  3. I installed vanilla (probably 1.0 or something). And then copied the old folder from the old HDD onto the new SSD. As it seems, I'll have to do a proper install to see if these lockups are really connected to the copying. They appear to be more time- than location- or action-based. @Veracious Many of the patches do a complete CRC-check on your entire folder. Doing that on the odd 7 or 8 GB takes an intolerable amount of time. In addition to that, the check makes random mistakes by itself, and there's alway a chance that 1 bit changed during copying from the dvds, or there was a hair on the disk.... It may happen, that you have to recopy several files from the disk again, or do a complete reinstall on the fresh install.... btw, if there is a CRC-error, the patch installation exits... you modified your balance.txt and forgot to make a backup -> reinstall.... I think I would be prepared to beat the crap out of the idiot, who thought this was a good idea...
  4. installing from the DVDs and just copying and replacing those file with the ones from the updated version works fine so far. Game starts, game runs in-game... no long run testing possible atm though. but I'm happy enough, that I don't have to go through all that CRC-fail BS.... edit: For the time being, I'm having lockups (of the game) in an almost constant period of time. Don't know, if it's due to the install method.
  5. 1. Registered in may 09. Haven't been much around before that. 2. About 4.6 years. 3. Found this forum in the wiki, and that on google.
  6. Hi guys, how are you doing. I just started up my newly bought hardware (i5 4670, 16 GB G.Skill 2400, SSD), and since the installation process (mainly the update process) of sacred 2 is known by all to be a big pain in the butt, I was wondering if someone has already tried just installing the game from the DVD and copying the rest of the files from the old directory over it (with cm-patch and everything). Would that work? I haven't even installed a display-driver yet, but I'm waiting for my buddy do bring me his 2 old NV 560Ti for 30 bucks each. So there's still a little time... If nobody knows, then I'll just try it out and let you know. Until then...
  7. OK, lambda it is then^^ But somebody must've known that this sort of game might sell internationally... so why use a set of letters others can read, AND make it utter jibberish?
  8. Well... that's wrong for a kickoff (not entirely, but in some cases)... At the center bottom, there's a symbol, that doesn't resemble any of the greek letters. I'll start there: d ch ô n b ô d e r t g f D g F ô a f d k t r xi psi ... and the last thing isn't really a lambda... it could be an inverted lambda with an additional line, but I don't get what it's supposed to mean... The bars on top of the omegas in the SW and W position could be emphases bars.
  9. Dropping motivation for a particular game is a given, for me, after a couple of months at the most. One motivation for me in Sacred, and many other rpgs as well, is to find the absolute best possible state of being for a particular character. I have spent days and days with characters popped from 1 to 200 with balance.txt mod to test various skill- and attributedistributions, massively increased droprates to get the final gear quickly, and I have learned many things along the way, without ever leveling a noncheated char to 200. Atm. I'm taking a semi cheated character to 200, cheat concerns gear only (massive enough of a cheat already though...), to get the survival bonus up properly. One thing I noticed so far while questing at about level 107 on niob is, that the quest xp boni are rediculously low. I will try tripleing the values for the QuestExp*** values in the balance.txt to see if it makes a difference. If you're only playing SP, then use the possible options to make the game more interesting for you. There is no need to restrict yourself to the stuff Ascaron thought up. If some changes increase your gaming experience, do it.
  10. hmm... interesting question, but a little information is missing. As Sacred "also" offers multi player, is this meant for PvE or PvP? Nearest guess would be PvE, but I like to nit-pick...^^ That's an important point. "once you get them up and running"... which probably isn't level 25 or so. Reasons why I chose seraphim for both options are: Bfg rocks from the beginning to the end. If the 3 buff built is chosen (Battle Stance, Bfg, Warding Energy), and if they're halfway properly skilled, they can be played mouse-only. Which hurts "fun to play". If the 2 buff built reliant on Divine Protection/Dashing Alacrity combo is used, then it's a bit more interesting. Not by much though, since recasting isn't that complicated. The reason why I prefered seraphim over elf on the power scale was the elemental damage focus the elf needs to have in order to match (sometimes surpass) the seraphim. If (again) the enhancement mods for the Bfg were chosen, one mostly deals physical, working on all bosses. Crowds will not go down as quickly as with the elf, but the seraphim compensates with Pelting Strikes/Soul Hammer combo, one-hitting 3 opponents in close combat, which also reduces crowds to nothing very fast.
  11. I found this (dunno if it helps though... or if I understood correctly): C:\wamp\bin\php\php5.2.5 its loacatled here... php.exe in this folder maybe ul see PHP CLI COMMAND LINE INTERFACE source: http://forum.wampserver.com/read.php?2,34981
  12. Well... Look at that. My first visit in a couple of months of absence, AND... JACKPOT... the wiki works. Well... it doesn't show a 404 anymore. Great work. @Flix: Moral support is as neccessary as the work itself. There will always be types of work that can only be done by 1 or 2 people, be it because one wants to keep it confidential or only a very limited amount of people know how it works at all... As the Sacred series, so far, has not produced a title that holds a vast amount of players continuously over a long period of time (like Morrowind or Jagged Alliance 2), the moral (and sometimes a little finacial^^) support for the people concerning themselves with it, is probably the most important.
  13. This Idea kind of lost its flow, after Czevak stopped answering my questions.... after the first question... He was/is busy. At the end of march my exams started and university keeps me busy to this day... and some... I hoped I could rely a little bit on the community, but as it seems it makes a significant difference whether there's a proper editor for the game (like TES:CS) or not.
  14. I think you need to visit the blueprint.txt to find the item and the drop.txt to find out where its dropped. Its probably a random drop. There is a US/UK equivalent to Solingen although I can't make out the company name. Sounds like "heinken" or something like that... "From .... , with love" is the comment. And that certainly isn't new. @wolfie: I think we are talking about 140...
  15. Ok, I haven't found a proper solution yet, but a workaround for the first problem at least. The spells.txt contains the data for the divine gifts. Search for the line: aspect = "EA_GOD_ANY", There are exactly 6 entrys, for the 6 divine gifts. By exchanging the code from one gift with another the effect changes accordingly (rather obvious isn't it...). Its not a very nice solution, but at least it works... The remaining matter of making the sakkara drop items will probably cause a bit more trouble, since there weren't any droplist entries in the scriptfiles, that are connected to creatures... As always, I'll update the opening post with all aquired information to keep it all together.
  16. Adjusted drop.txt for Mutation sets View File There has been a problem with the drop-rates of the Mutation-set items. This file fixes this problem. The Mutation items will now drop at the same rate as regular set items. As a future project, I plan to adjust the drop rate in a different fashion, so they drop less frequently without them not dropping at all. Installation instruction: Backup the drop.txt file from your "install path"\scripts\server folder. Copy or move the downloaded drop.txt in that folder. Enjoy! Submitter Nighthawk Submitted 02/02/2013 Category Community Patch Uniques  
  17. ahhh... sorry! I meant Resident Evil as a an example for a failed series (not financially of course)... The first two parts were the best. No later version (most recent being part 6) was as intense and frightening as those two, which kind of misses the point of a horror game...
  18. If that is the case, then S3 is totally dead to me. No reconsiderations. If S3 were to sell good enough for somebody to consider making S4, and if they didn't listen to the HC-gamers in the first place, then what would make S4 better? No... If S3 is not worth the succession, then the series should die. Or we'll end up with something like the resident evil series...
  19. Version 0.2-cmPatch0140hf


    There has been a problem with the drop-rates of the Mutation-set items. This file fixes this problem. The Mutation items will now drop at the same rate as regular set items. As a future project, I plan to adjust the drop rate in a different fashion, so they drop less frequently without them not dropping at all. Installation instruction: Backup the drop.txt file from your "install path"\scripts\server folder. Copy or move the downloaded drop.txt in that folder. Enjoy!
  20. Your work in honors wolfie. I see this as a bugfix. A copy will be sent to czevak for proper incorporation as well.
  21. by chattius, Posted 09 September 2012 - 09:04 AM [..] but if they don't have a user creation element to it, it won't last long. by Knuckles, Posted 29 January 2013 - 12:38 AM * City size is much smaller than it was in SC4. I could fill out the entire city grid within the hour allotted. But you can control up to 16 cities by yourself or with friends in the region * The intricacy and depth is really not there like in SC4. The game over all is much simpler and not as much control or micro-managing now * No terraforming :o * Graphics and music are pretty good * on-line play only * Many buildings can be upgraded. For instance instead of adding another High School when the 1st one maxes out in enrollment, you can now add more classrooms onto the school and even add more busses. For the police you can add more jail space or add a helicopter to increase service range I've known about this for a while now. Most people who loved SC4 won't have much fun with it's successor. It just CitiesXL, for those of you who know about that, with a couple of additions to not be an entire ripoff. Anybody want to ask, why I'm so concerned about S3?
  22. Although it has been over a year, I have good news... The mutation sets didn't drop at all in my game as well. Until recently. For testing, I added Megalcarwen's to the lists, that would, hopefully, ensure a droprate equal to that of the regular sets, and although it didn't work at first, it does now... In the course of this weekend, I'll be adding the sets of the other classes as well. As soon as the file is ready, I'll upload it in the "Download"-section.
  23. Progress report: From the beginning I expected this to go step by step. Czevak was kind enough to reply to my request. The first piece of information is, that everything apart from ingame texts, meshes and textures is dealt with within the scripts folder. I'll update this and further details in the opening post for easy access.
  24. I've been involved with a modding group for Oblivion, so I can estimate the sort of efford, that needs to be invested. Especially when even a halfway decent editor is absent. Sooner or later it comes down to typing numbers and letters into a sort of database (the actual incorporation). My biggest problem in any case (outside of not knowing where/how to incorporate the data) would be the creation of meshes and textures, because I've never really done anything of the sort (at most I've edited existing textures...). btw... The way the cm-patch is delivered, I wouldn't be suprised if it turned out, that Marcuswob and Czevak were former Ascaron employees ^^
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