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  1. Agree on some, disagree on others...

    Before I get to Sacred, first a couple of words about TES 5. If one likes the skilling system of Morrowind and already dislikes the changes brought about by Oblivion, how would one like the new system? I refuse to even play Skyrim, let alone buy it...


    I already commented in another thread about the successrate as a successor and my opinion about a focus on casual gamers, so I won't do it again.


    The lack of advertising is a good thing. Advertising costs a ridiculous amount of money, if you've been unaware of that. Not investing in such meaningless methods reduces the necessary amount of sales to stay away from bancruptcy. Deep Silver does buisiness with its gamer base, and my lack of optimisim is the result of possible casual-influences on it over the past couple of years.


    Optimization/Bug issues are a part of every development. It can, as you said, ruin any game. As such it is of no interest to me to mention it, as every developer knows about this and any suggestions to them to improve such qualities are a wasted effort. They will do it if they have the time and the resources, otherwise it's not their fault (in most cases).

    The thinking method of the developer himself is of less concern. Their accountants are the problem. Best example: Spore. Seeing the success of previous games developed by this developer one might ask why spore failed so badly. Making a complex idea work requires a lot of time and resources EA wasn't willing to cough up and the final release had removed content and options. Being advertised and "fairly" bug free was no cure for it's lack of success, and even the dumbing process didn't help.


    How the game could be made more accessible to a broader community, even including casuals? I'll base my thoughts on yours and add options.


    1) The missing respec option is a failure in the current game. It doesn't add to its charm, on the contrary in fact. A respec should've been added in the first place. The addition can be very simple, you can respec whenever you like, but you lose 5 or so levels in return. Or let it be 10... around 200, respeccing will prove to be a certain amount of pain, if one does it too often.


    2) The main quest needs to be measured by a different aspect. For Sacred 2 it would mean, that it must be short enough to not just go straigth from silver to niob. A quality it already posesses, and there's room to make it longer still. It has a totally different problem though... no proper storytelling. Not even close to any story telling. The story (light) is: Bring some money to City, meet some elves, learn about great machine, destroy great machine. One can do better than this... Add some videos or animations to the game! Watch them once or twice, then deactivate them
    in the options menu and play like you do now. This adds massively to the appeal of the game, I can't stress enough how much... 30 to 50 hours for the main quest, with added story depth is well worth the effort.


    3) Compatibility is part of quality management, so not many words about it: I also got german Sacred 2, english I&B...


    4) I have a hard core opinion about achievements: You want them? Go play farmville or something!

    After having played Minecraft since early beta and Dwarf Fortress in alpha (its still alpha^^), my personal preference of setting my own goals to achieve has been seriously reinforced. It took me about a year to figure
    out what those random messages displayed at the start of the game meant (Sacred 2's achievements...), because I couldn't care less about it. They do not even provide a direction for development (as those who were later
    added to minecraft). Its a worthless feature.


    5) Independent of additional ideas concerning core gameplay, the matter of balancing has to be kept in sight at all times. The BFGsera for example (with which I have the most experience) is so vastly overpowered, that
    I'm seriously doubting it was an accident.


    6) Make late game and the acquirement of high quality iems more interesting!
    The Boss farming is extremely boring, not just because you have to do it a lot, but also because at a certain point you only go for nameless guardians because its the most efficient way. Create certain areas on the map, containing a certain type of mob, making it drop a certain type of item.

    As an example a few changes within Sacred 2: Daemons in the jungle have their own Boss. Replace the regional level-cap with a general one, make this Boss only drop pieces for Niocaste's Blade Dance set (or another, for another character). Another Boss, another set... With the removal of the local level cap, one can get all gear at maximum possible level, without having to rely on utterly random drops from all bosses. If applied, it would make exploration much more necessary when more bosses were to be added, and it can be done for a vast variety of items.


    That's about it for now. I'll add more when I think of something else.

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  2. Well, I never claimed my idea to be lore friendly. And, as with every mod, it would be left to ones own decision wether to use it or not.


    Right now I don't know whether or not to respond further to the off topic discussion. But just once won't do any harm, I hope...

    Off Topic!

    I recently mentioned my "gaming style" to Gogoblender. I'll shed a little bit of light on it, in response to the previous posts.

    1st, General: I have no favourite genre. I just have a certain criteria by which I judge a game. If its good (replay value ist the most important factor), then it goes into my list. The best of the best. I usually cycle through my list one way or the other. So you may guess for how long I'm playing a game before switching to the next (usually between one week and 3 months). I'd like to have the full content of the game available, or at least most of the content. The usual range of games delivers this, albeit with some modifications from time to time.

    2nd, Sacred: The last time I played Sacred was may 2012. I don't know how long I will play this time around. But from almost the beginning it was of high interest to me to get to know what end game content there is, in order to know what to play. What is the highest amount of damage dealing in the game?

    Well, a 200 BFGsera I build delivers 60-62000 damage per shot with Pelting Strikes at a recharge of 0.1 seconds and the Divine protection shield has 191000 hp.

    How did I obtain 2 Amulets with +18 to all skills? Well I "balance.txt-cheated" of course. But since I'm playing by myself, who might complain?

    My total amount of gaming time in Sacred is probably enough for 3 characters @ 200. At this pace I probably wouldn't have seen half of what the game has to offer, since at the end of that time I wouldn't have 3 @ 200 but more like 50 failed characters and a couple around 120...


    It might not be a common style of gaming (in fact I'm probably the exception), but it is how I derive fun from the game.

    End of off Topic!


    It is difficult to RTFM, if I don't know where to find it. The topic at hand has not been discussed in a fashion that would allow me to make these sort of changes by myself.

  3. It has been bugging me ever since I got to know my way halfway across Ancaria.

    What possible use can someone obtain from the skill Divine Devotion?


    Since I haven't played every class to the point of utterly understanding everything, I can only rely on builds I have seen, and not one has ever used that skill...


    My idea includes the following changes, I do not yet know if they are possible, but at the moment I have not been able to invest as much time in research on that topic as I might wish.


    1.) Include the ability to choose from all gods independent of the chosen alignment.

    2.) Make the Sakkra drop items on his death as any normal boss would do.

    3.) (optional and possibly redundant) adjust the Sakka's level by ones survival bonus (if it isn't already)


    The use of this is fairly apparent. Since above a certain level one usually begins bosshunts to obtain high quality items, having a Sakkra as an additional boss will cut down on traveltime. I have not tried the skill Divine Devotion myself yet, so I do not know by how much the cooldown is reduced. But if the cooldown is sufficiently reduced, it would make farming much more bearable.



    I don't see any particular issues with balancing.

    The process of farming will not be touched exept for the aforementioned timesaving.

    I have quite a problem with the current process. Running around for 5 minutes, killing whatever needs to be killed, restarting the server...

    There have been some attempts at optimizing this process, see the "Boss Arena" for example.

    This however might be much less problematic to implement... exept for point one (which would be nice to have for all light aligned players).

    Furthermore, Divine Devotion would suddenly become a skill that needs proper consideration.


    As modifications go, its always a good idea to backup files you change.

    List of files changed by this:

    - spells.txt



    Dirty solution to 1.) This causes the deity Lumen to cast a Sakkara Daemon.

    - Open the spells.txt in your \scripts\shared\ folder

    - Search for the entry: gott_chaos_sakkaradaemon

    - Copy it's content and paste it over the content of the spell "gott_licht_blitz", which is right above it.



    Further thoughts or ideas?

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  4. Now that Ascaron is gone, there's also the question of how the new developers will handle the game.

    The successors of Westwood (Command&Conquer series) failed: They may have produced a decent RTS, but it's no CnC...

    The successors of SirTech (Jagged Alliance) failed: JA3 may, again, have had it's own charm, but its not really a successor to JA2.


    What little Information there is on the Wikipedia page is worrying as well, at least from my perspective. The chance of success(as a successor) ist extremely low, if a core game mechanic is to be changed. Furthermore there is a massive amount of casual gamers around. And since people like quotes, here is one from the interview with Deep Silvers' PR Manager Martin Wein: "The Community will be taken on board again too. We wanna develop a sequel, which will stand the modern demands of a video game."

    The changes in the player base, combined with the willingness of the developers to sell as much as possible and to hell with the long term playability (as a result of modern games meeting more casual player's demands), nibble on the fun of old style gamers.

    Releases of the past couple years suggest a bleak future. The only glipse of hope I have results of the fact, that Deep Silver hasn't published any really bad games. As expectations go, I expect that (apart from graphics) the 3rd will be, in total, worse than the 2nd... Perhaps good, but not great.

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  5. very nice build...

    although I changed it a bit, it supplied a very stable base. I always change the provided bulilds, not because I think I know better (I don't have much time to play so I can't know better), but because I put my own gaming experience into my skillplan so that it may suit my gaming style....


    bfg serra @ 45 (right now)


    02 - Concentration.png Concentration

    05 - Toughness.png Toughness

    25 - Constitution.png Constitution

    50 - Combat Reflexes.png Combat Reflexes (<- I will chose this instead of warding energy since all usable armor upgrade slots are filled with celestrial magic runes anyway so I rather avoid taking hits than tanking them....)


    65 - now it becomes interesting... few things I have to know first.

    a) does spell resistance still not work properly:) (read it somewhere here, that there were some issues with this skill... if it works, I'll take it instead of reverted tech lore)

    b) does reverted tech lore really improve bfg? I think I tried it once with a backup and it didn't change bfg's dmg output in any way.....



    ideas for this build:

    - since low recharge pelting strikes (only) worked wonders with my DW serra, I'll be focusing on that CA as well. pushing exalted warrior focus as well as reverted tech focus to keep recharge down (~2.7 sec right now) while massively improving buff:"bfg" and buff:"battle stance"

    - focusing a bit more on defence than on pure firepower... helps when you're fighting bosses, if you get disracted or if your machine generates a huge lag for whatever reason...

    - mastery:

    1st: armor lore, tactics lore, constitution

    2nd: rev tech focus, exalted warrior focus, toughness, combat reflexes

    3rd: rest

    ... I'm sorry for not being as detailed in the description as dobri.



    problems till now (mostly my own mistakes).

    - forgot about the fact that I don't need 3 buffs, so concentration is at 44 already, and I don't really need it to be that high...

    - died once because somebody was calling me for dinner while I was fighting against the inquisitor of the storyline chap. 10 silver (that actually happaned few minutes ago, so because of my frustration with myself I now have some time for this posting :) ) so I guess the tank is still a bit weak... although forest guardian and facettelion were some 40sec jobs (with them being level 50)...

    - magic only opponents do some damage... I've got almost no resistance, so it will be essential to know if spell resist works properly :)

    - small targets are still hard to hit... especially fen fires are a pain (you know where ^^)


    expected problems in the future:

    - first things first: the 10th skill :D ...but this problem solely lies in my information deficit....

    - for best stats I expect the necessity to mix endijian's and niokaste's blade dance sets (which hopefully won't look as horrid as I imagine it :bounce: )

    perfectly fitting would be armor, belt and boots from niokaste's blade dance set and the rest from endijian's set. I'm kinda 50/50 between stats and esthetics ^^

    that would also have to be a considered for the original build I think...^^


    differences between original build and this one:

    - obviously very difficult to say for me, dobri can possibly shed some light on this topic. I don't have any experience with the original build.

    I'd guess, as I already implied, that the damage output will be reduced in favor of better defence, but how much of a difference it will make I cannot say.

    but it's for sure, that with low regen pelting strikes only high HP champions like trees, boars, and some bears are not a one shot kill... otherwise anythings a goner with one blast. CA deals 1960-2060 base dmg (without armor in consideration) per round... I think that's enough^^ doubled it up since level 35.... should've boosted tactics instead of concentration.... then it would be 2500 :P


    that's about it for today^^ cya around

  6. Concentration was my first mistake! I got it so I could improve the regeneration times of my Rev. Tech and Celestial Magic and wasted a bunch of points in it but found out once I got Celestial Magic Focus, it was completely useless.
    your only level 25. Make a good build on what you want and start over maybe?


    a rebuild might not be a bad idea, if you are at level 25 AND you notice that one of your chosen skills is becoming useless.....

    after reading Antitrusts build suggestion I also dropped a level 26 seraphim.... the new build rocks :sigh:


    focusing on only one thing and excel at that is most likely the optimal strategy.


    edit: forgot to mention, that I also dropped my old seraphim because of concentration :)


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