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  1. so saw a few probes splatted onto my main moon today from tc, and a solid espionage effort to get my techs. also got a msg from annesty saying to be careful that tc is trying to catch me on a stupid fs. what you guys think? and no, I don't save to own df
  2. trd


    our first hof in 40. a no probe and smash nearly free moonshot for me. I was asleep, df was gone when I woke. so this makes 0/6 total on moonshots. The following fleets met in battle: Attacker: K N K G K H N L.Cargo...5 Battleship...56 Battlecr....32 Defender: Redneck S.Cargo...46 L.Cargo...50 Recy....1 Esp.Probe...7 Sol. Sat...114 R.Launcher...276 L.Laser...1.005 Plasma...15 S.Dome...1 L.Dome...1 -- moooed -- Attacker: K N K G K H N Destroyed Defender: Redneck S.Cargo...43 ( lost: 3 ) L.Cargo...46 ( lost: 4 ) Recy....1 ( lost: 0 ) Esp.Probe...5 ( lost: 2 ) Sol. Sat...100 ( lost: 14 ) R.Launcher...240 (lost: 36) L.Laser...881 (lost: 124) Plasma...15 (lost: 0) S.Dome...1 (lost: 0) L.Dome...1 (lost: 0) The defender has won the battle! The attacker lost a total of 5.660.000 units. The defender lost a total of 410.000 units. At these space coordinates now float 1.416.000 metal and 884.000 crystal. The chance for a moon to be created is 20 % Battle Result (Assuming the attacker got the debris..) Attacker lost: 3.360.000 Defender lost: 410.000 Total Damage: 6.070.000 Converted with Invader Skodge's CR Converter 3.5 (Skin: "cowboy")
  3. their new intro page pisses me off, so I am boycotting the beta no offense intended at you, just annoyed with gf
  4. thanks for the info, getting to downloading it shortly
  5. I tried it and it still works. not bad sword for bronze to begin with. I would think it is merely an advertising tool to drum up interest and sell magazines. now think of people making up sendkey programs to test for 'gifts'. if there is one, there has to be others.
  6. turkeyday! so deep fried turkey, garlic mashed potatoes, oreo pie and 1/4 of a pumpkin pie topped with coolwHip. I might blow up... if you haven't tried deep fried turkey, do. it is awesome. make sure to have a few tanks of propane around, as my first from old bbq ran out and I had to steal one from my camping trailer.
  7. sweet, will give it a try when I recover from tday over stuffing of me
  8. does anyone have trouble with choosing a server to play on? it is constantly refreshing and undoing my scrolls towards the bottom. the filters don't work for the languages. very odd and truly annoying.
  9. omg evidence that uni40 is just chock full of noobs. it is official, u got more fighting ships than I do they did get the mine thing working again, at least I am not doing to bad in that regards on their summary.
  10. u guys have more combat ships than I do
  11. trd


    I know very few people atm. I do know one guy from an elite ally, I will see what he knows. he got his top30 recently. there is always the section on oboard where people give away their accts. starting fresh wouldn't prove too difficult, many slots opening up as people quit and/or go inactive. I built my uni9 to 5.7kk in less than 1.5yrs, so I would imagine a two month late start would not be hard to do well if you are motivated. in the case of starting new, I don't have a problem sending some goodies to get friendly folks into uni40. just drop me a pm here and I will get u some flying.
  12. trd


    I am still playing 40, settled into top12000. mostly mining, about 7500pts a day from just mines, with minor farming and moderate turtling. gamestats says averaging 10k points a day, not sure how or where. happy for now with rank, as the maniac folks hopefully will slow down and more cheats will continue to be banned. at one point I was gaining more ranks from bans than point growth! I had hell getting planets going, blew many a colony ship, probably 30+. sooooo many small little planets in what slot 4-6 that I could reach prior to others. we are not talking like 150, but like 30-50 most times, very small statistically for the planet slot. on recommendation of an old friend, I went to making temp colony in system, worked on a couple after a few shots as they continued to just be small. I did not get them sorted out until I think about the 35th day when first long inactives cleared, when I got final 3 keeper planets in that one night. I was fortunate to be awake for the 0110st clearing of destroyed planets and 0120st for deleted accts. keep at it and you will succeed, just takes a few days of planning and patience. find a potential slot, make temp colony and be on to launch when it clears. need any more suggestions drop me a pm here. I can help out with potential slots, as more eyes equal more opprotunities. my planets are very well spaced for fleeting in g1 and there is inactives in two slot4 of the 5 g1 planets. a couple of my other galaxy planets also have slot 4&5 inactives. they do exist, just hard to find! no ally, I do love all the funny invites. like I want to join the wing of some ally in which the main consists of noobs. I am just not 1337 enough to get into any of the elite allies even though highly ranked. not that I would join one just due to the security risks involved with people sharing my 40 onlines so they can take advantage of this info in uni 9. the risk does not justify the reward. let me know if you are around, I can drop you are care package.
  13. as long as kate is in it, sign me up

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