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  1. Those to are really clever! I will be using them in an ACS universe, so it will be even easier to hide the speed using those tips. Thanks a lot, Ike! I know a will always come to answer my questions
  2. Hi all, more experienced players! I am looking forward to making a big RIP fleet with my miner's account and I want to ask you about some tips/tricks that you know. Mostly ways to keep them undetected while I build and attack, and how to use them safely. Thanks to all, -dicknail
  3. Hia all!! Long time, no see! I'm just dropping in to show some activity and ... how many new people I see around!! I'm very glad to see the forum running and kicking (and Ike sending criminals on federal vacations) Hopefully, I'll be logging in more often Cheers, -dn
  4. Yeah, that is true. It's been the same here (Bulgaria) and in Romania for about an year. Last time I was in Boston, the "greener" shops were giving discounts for using reusable bag, asking whether to put it in paper or plastic. The common mass stores were "behaving" as normally.
  5. 0 - 16... my sleep schedule is screwed (I hate my school). If I manage to get a hold of it usually 5-6h.
  6. It is really nice that those kind of teams still exist.
  7. OMG! That sucks, though it was expected if someone with a little skill had that acc. Have fune,
  8. Hi, guys! A friend of mine is quitting ogame and left me with two acc (uni17 and uni24). They are miners acc with 1.4kk and 940k points respectively, and the first has graviton. Message me if you want any of them. -dn
  9. Great job, Ike! Love the patience you have and the consistency of your efforts!
  10. Les Miserables and Hair And I think technically Phantom of the Opera is operetta, not musical
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