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  1. Yep, that's it. I can't say anything about the Steam Machine, I'm using my own custom computer, but the controller is well built, very functional, and more than reasonably priced. I do feel the Steam Machines are a bit on the pricey side. It's interesting how few people have actually heard of this thing, especially since it was announced about two and a half years a go. but most people have never heard of it. [edit] Sadly, streaming it from my desktop to my laptop, which is connected to a TV, crashes the game.
  2. So, I got a Steam Controller Friday. Naturally I had to test it out with Sacred 2. For those who are interested my WIP Bindings can be found on Steam. They work beautifully! I've tried playing with Xpadder as well as the PS3 port, but neither of those felt right. This does. With the current bindings you do need to use the mouse to select skills, weapons, and relic sets, which for high level play will likely be an issue (I have two combos that sever my Seraphim well enough for the skills, and I don't use weapons). So far I've mostly been fiddling with the bindings and haven't done any heavy pla
  3. On the wiki for Ward Energy Lore (WEL), it states that it does not affect Block Warding Energy (BWE). However, on both the Warding Energy and Energy Shroud wiki entries it says it does. By using a character editor to play around with some numbers and mousing over the Sigma sign on the inventory page while increasing WEL, I noticed no changes to any stats. I'm playing the Steam version of Sacred 2 Gold without the Community patch.
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