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  1. I hit over Paragon 80, but I'm taking a break since there are things I need to get done.
  2. I hit level 68 Paragon. I'm going for a solo greater rift tomorrow. I need to do it to create challenge rifts.
  3. Talk about a good session! I went from 31 to Paragon 34! Ludicrous experience and I'll check to see what builds are available
  4. We'll have to coordinate our sessions. I have plenty of free time so it would be better for you to take care of all your family and work responsibilites before we set up something regular. Now power level is not likely to be a problem since you should get levels quite quickly if you join Hard difficulty.
  5. I went up five levels to 31. I'll be doing some things for a while to give you a chance to catch up. I'll still continue on since the experience gain is VERY good right now.
  6. I'm going up to the next difficulty and replaying Act 1. You're welcome to join.
  7. I saw that you were online recently, so I decided to clear the rest of act 1. This got me to level 26. I have a few good items for you when you show up.
  8. I bought new gaming headphones and the one I got has a built-in microphone and gets 7.1 surround sound. All for just under $50 which matches my plans to make my YouTube channel bring in more viewers. I'll have to test in game in D3 and see how well they work. If they work like I expect, your Demon Hunter is going to be a very serious threat to anything I run into.
  9. You're probably busy during the week, so I'll wait for Friday to Sunday for getting together for a session. If you want to level up a bit with your Demon Hunter I'd be happy to help.
  10. I progressed to level 18. I had a good forged item I wanted to use. I also found a level 12 Demon Hunter crossbow for you. I put it in my stash. I'm using a two handed toothed sword. This character is about as subtle as a brick, but I am ready to enter the Nephalem temple in Act 1.
  11. Dual wield is far better in EE. Early the two handers would be fine but once you hit level 10, using two staves makes a world of difference. I played a character with this build in vanilla and with the EE changes, your best bet is to use the Priestess buff to help in melee. The buff is not going to be a mass killer, but a good distraction for monsters. You'll attack anything that attacks the Priestess, but most will be drawn to you since you're launching two missile projectiles at once. Getting the Intelligence bonus is recommended and put all stat points in Intelligence. You'll be doing hundr
  12. If you are back in action, I can help. My barb hit 13 so, I'm still early enough to assist. I'll stop at level 15 to give you a chance.
  13. I made level 10 pretty easily. It's fun doing the game in short stints. I don't have to hit 70 right away. I might move up difficulty after Act 2 on Normal.
  14. I chose Barbarian. I have a good level Barb, so it makes the most sense for another season run.
  15. I've been lucky having some drop from monsters, so if you do enough hunting especially on the low levels(1-5) chances are pretty good at least one will drop for you.
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