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  1. I barely had room to move the goodies I got to my SP stash. It would take a while level up all of those characters and I really need to figure out a good way to spend my time on getting better on my job search. I have some ideas and I am fairly certain one thing was holding me back on previous interviews.
  2. My personal favorite comes in chapter 10(or part 10 as I call it). The group fights some trolls attacking a defenseless young goblin girl.
  3. Novella is live via Amazon under Wrath of the Wizard's Crown.
  4. I had played the standard Frenzy barb. She was pretty resilient, just hit the ceiling without the necessary gear.
  5. I was playing Barbarian on the season, I'll check when this season started to decide if I want to play Witch Doctor. EDIT - From what I see the season started either today or it will on the 23rd. When I imported my seasonal Barbarian to the single player characters, they all got Paragon level 275.
  6. Looks like the season is over. I will be saving the gear I got and saving it for the single player characters.
  7. I did not realize you had not played in quite some time. If you are still playing, please let me know.
  8. Personally, I'd master Concentration first. Then master Ancient Magic to bypass enemy resistance. The skills look good to me, and I don't interfere with how you mod the combat arts. With the Torch of Light unique and the shield that gives bonus damage to fire, you don't really need to master the fire skills immediately. Platinum difficulty is where I consider the game to truly start. I generally go to level 12 in Bronze, 35 in Silver and 60 in Gold.
  9. I did like what the publishing company created for the cover. The manuscript itself was 148 pages with over 44000 words. It will include internal graphics so the page count may go up to 155. I don't know how many pages that translates to on a paperback.
  10. For the next season, I decided to try out the Witch Doctor. I don't have Necromancer down yet, and I found a good build via Icy Veins. I know Wizard and Demon Hunter well enough to pass on them for now. I'll just almost max out the account limit for characters.
  11. I did not want to put this out before my novella was published, but I am trying to get a figure for what an IP owner wants in regards to minimum guaranteed sales. I am quite close to publishing, so the more visible my novella is early hopefully the better the launch will be. Below I have attached the approved novella cover.
  12. I've reconsidered my plans and I'll stick around for another seasonal character. I did play Crusader and Barbarian. Who to pick for round 3?
  13. I stopped at Paragon 275. I was hitting the plateau with the character and slowly accumulating the items for the appropriate build.
  14. Let me know what time you want to get together. My weekend is free, so this is probably one available time before the season ends.
  15. Once this season is done, so am I. I won't post any more to these or other forums. My time is done and over and it's time for others to have their voices heard.
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