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  1. I saw that you were online recently, so I decided to clear the rest of act 1. This got me to level 26. I have a few good items for you when you show up.
  2. I bought new gaming headphones and the one I got has a built-in microphone and gets 7.1 surround sound. All for just under $50 which matches my plans to make my YouTube channel bring in more viewers. I'll have to test in game in D3 and see how well they work. If they work like I expect, your Demon Hunter is going to be a very serious threat to anything I run into.
  3. You're probably busy during the week, so I'll wait for Friday to Sunday for getting together for a session. If you want to level up a bit with your Demon Hunter I'd be happy to help.
  4. I progressed to level 18. I had a good forged item I wanted to use. I also found a level 12 Demon Hunter crossbow for you. I put it in my stash. I'm using a two handed toothed sword. This character is about as subtle as a brick, but I am ready to enter the Nephalem temple in Act 1.
  5. Dual wield is far better in EE. Early the two handers would be fine but once you hit level 10, using two staves makes a world of difference. I played a character with this build in vanilla and with the EE changes, your best bet is to use the Priestess buff to help in melee. The buff is not going to be a mass killer, but a good distraction for monsters. You'll attack anything that attacks the Priestess, but most will be drawn to you since you're launching two missile projectiles at once. Getting the Intelligence bonus is recommended and put all stat points in Intelligence. You'll be doing hundr
  6. If you are back in action, I can help. My barb hit 13 so, I'm still early enough to assist. I'll stop at level 15 to give you a chance.
  7. I made level 10 pretty easily. It's fun doing the game in short stints. I don't have to hit 70 right away. I might move up difficulty after Act 2 on Normal.
  8. I chose Barbarian. I have a good level Barb, so it makes the most sense for another season run.
  9. I've been lucky having some drop from monsters, so if you do enough hunting especially on the low levels(1-5) chances are pretty good at least one will drop for you.
  10. I'll check what characters I have played in single player. I might just do a season run anyway.
  11. I'm going to switch my higher level skills. 35 - Ancient Magic 50 - Shield Lore 65 - Constitution
  12. Personally, I love Kha-Beleth with my "Jedi" Dragon Mage. I choose Elemental Lore as the second skill and the mod for stun and speed. The third mod is up to you, but bear in mind that GoW really is variable on how thick or narrow the wind stream is. If you do a narrow stream all those effects will hit multiple times, so multiple chance for stun. For my weapon, only Maul's Swordstaff matches what I want. There are other lightsabers available, but those two handers really offer a lot.
  13. I've played both the multiple and single bow Demon Hunter, so I know the class pretty well. Again since everything went down the creek due to your technical issues, I'd rather wait than trust somebody I don't know online. Chances would be very high that I'd meet some sort of degenerate and I'm in no mood to deal with that.
  14. I put all the gear from the season to my single player Crusader. I don't want to do a Wizard and I really don't want to play a season solo. I'll sit this season out and hopefully by the next one you'll be back up and running.
  15. No, I have not played in weeks now. I'll have to find out how my character is affected.
  16. There is no reason to pay three times the price of $75 for only double the capacity. I have my price points for things, so if it runs more than $50-100 then I look at other options. P.S. - I'm only some posts away from the 1000 mark here.
  17. I bought the following laptop below for under the current $1000 price tag. It has been a champion running Sacred 2, Wing Commander, emulation, Drakan: Order of the Flame(character modded), and other games with only maybe a few "hiccups". Given that Easter is coming up, you may luck out with a sale and then I'd buy the model below. Don't get me wrong, the laptop has been my best tech purchase for the last several months. If money is a problem, I'd advise saving up to pay. I know a lot of people who are living paycheck to paycheck. Amazon.com: ASUS TUF VR Ready Gaming Laptop, 15.6" I
  18. I saw on your profile you were able to access it a few days ago. If your system still can't load the game let me know. Also, I can recommend a good gaming laptop if you are interested.
  19. I'd like to give one more try to play with you again. I realize that work or technical issues may have interfered with previous attempts.
  20. I'm available again today. Just let me know a time that works for you.
  21. Let me know if you're available today.
  22. If you have time today, I'll be available to play.
  23. Ok, I'm logged in but I have not played yet.
  24. Ok. I'm out of action at work, so I do have time tomorrow. Let me know what time works for you.
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