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  1. It's good to be online again.

  2. "Jumping around won't make you any smarter" Is what I want to say.. but you guys seem to prove the contrary. How weird it may be to let INT be the Mod for BV, that's wrong I think. Putting that aside and take what we can, it does seem interesting, never did I expect this CA to be affected by TL ánd AM. A few questions to boot: -> Is there a, significant, difference in damage contributed between the two skills (TL and AM) -> I read that occasionally it misfires, how hard was it to control this untamed CA? -> The SW has a low base INT, would the damage actually be any good when you stack on that fully? -> Isn't this CA a classic misunderstood CA? -> Is it worth taking this concept into a build? -> Worth compared to other builds that have already proven themselves? -> Or is this mainly for fun/change of pace? Keep us all posted! Cheers, Sylph
  3. Somersaulting with a pistol... Maybe theres a bit of lara left in sacred! (I dont know how it looks like but will do so tomorrow!) Cheers/Good Night
  4. Why have I never seen the words Dual Wield and Pistol/Energy Gun in one sentence? Need to test that out.. Unless someone beats me to it and posts it cannot be done, dual wielding shuriken or throwing daggers.. I feel like making a tiny asian character under the flag of "House of the Flying Daggers" (WICKED SICK!) Cheers and maybe edited soon! PS Kona-chan FTW! *EDITED* No Lara Croft Build I tried Dual wielding throwing daggers and an Energy Pistol but alas, 't was no good my left hand is empty, this one road to the gateless gate has been cut off. So you can't dual wield ranged weapons but you use a shield... that's kinda lame.
  5. Agreeing with Cygnus, repetetive casting is boring, I use all the spells from a certain aspect. So when I have 2 second cooldown on all spells it's still fun to play (more challenging) you can have very powerfull spells without having to spam the shards or whatnot. No I have not played myself sick at this game, this is just my opinion on matters. My conclusion would always be damage, if it doesn't work at first, try a bigger hammer *rolls a shadow warrior* Cheers PS Cygnus, isn't that woman in your sig from Underworld? (theres three movies out now if I count it right)
  6. A year, wowzers, I sure missed a lot of ..stuff and.. things too. Well, good to hear you still like it here =D Cheers
  7. I bet theres a silly messages place to talk about. if not there has got to be one. I extracted all the sounds they characters make when we go AFK. Reeaallly funny messages. And they're easy to extract with WinRar. Easy as pie (or so they say). Sincerely, Sylph
  8. well I ám planning to do so, but I need a bteer pc first, I have éverything there is to put on low, on low even the lowest resolution. And still it does not play well on my rickety-tack-hamster-driven machine which is supposed to be pronounced as a computer but different (that's a lot of nonsense in one sentence now was it?). But I will, one day, I will, enjoying the silly messages when booting, mocking npcs by clicking on them (a lot) extracting all the afk-speeches fromt he Seraphim and the other characters. And, WHY DOES MY SERAPHIM HAVE GREEN HAIR! Seraphim for life and shadow warrior is cool, I dont like dogs that have no hair (no joke), old man in robes to hell with him, an Elf who has a bad shoulder but wears almost no clothes while using icy cold spells make me drool... I can't take responsibillity for any of this since it's.. *hey look a bunny!* Cheers nonetheless Sylph Mister Sylph
  9. Finally something which I can reply to! Okay so as far as I know hitboxes are not implemented in sacred. BUT most (if not all) Polearms do have the 'chance to hit multiple opponents' which to me seems a good description of what you want since a polearm is big, 2-handed, and has to have a bigger range than say, a dagger. I have only encountered hitting more than one enemy with one regular swing with polearms. -Pelting strikes (Seraphim CA) does seems to occasionally hit more than one mob but only after one has perished. |->Some other CAs from the inquisitor and the Shadow warrior do also hit in a cone in front of you, which they also state in their description. Sincerely, Sylph
  10. back from hell heaven and in between, I have sacred two installed on my -crappy- PC (hoping to fix that in a month or two. Heres the deal: HI! all, remember me? I didn't buy the game yet but playing it nonetheless. Hoping to contribute like old times forgotten. you'll see me here and about. Perhaps *eerie laughter* Seems site layout didn't change, nostalgic as it is, bet I missed everything so lots of reading! Sincerely, Sylph
  11. Christmas Hugs attack!!!

  12. no, that was some german guy.. don't remember who though... odd, whyw ould one remember who inveted a walk-in-closet... weird things happen when you're bored (which I am) Oooh my teddybear just returned from work, brb Jasper PS Total, are you a police officer?
  13. if you chop of one corner.. you get two in return... retaliation. so your room ain't bloody? it's just a mess? if you have a very big box, or a closet.. *hint hint* Syl
  14. Question to the above: What happened? Why is your room bloodied? what happened? Well I'm in the middle of a test week yet again. That's why I've been so quiet. (that and because I ám quiet) tomorrow I have German and Geography... I hate German, Geography is okay I guess, but why would I want to know something about Diversity in landscapes.. or Gradients, stepping stones, Weichselien and that thing you people call the coreolis effect, while it was actually the Dutch Buys Ballot who was at it first! Bloody... <censored for your consideration> Any of you have any news? I'm bored studying.. Yann Tiersen all the way! Jasper
  15. I think we just found a discussion to whether someone ordered to do something like this can put heart in it.. or not if the opposing faction is right. I think that you cán put heart into orders as these paintings. Look towards the renaissance eriod, or the romantic period (still speaking in art-terms). The way I see it, the painters are free to do whatever they wanted to, aslong as it recognisable(<wrong spelling I know). See it as sports, it doesn't matter how you score, just make sure thát you score. How about that? Second I would like to thank all for the information given. It's been helpfull. Cheerio's! Jasper
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