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  1. Yes, I absolutely can understand that. I normaly Hate it than games do that. But nowadays I sometimes like it if it supports it a little. I gues my favoruite Solution would be that I have 2 utility skill slots that can only be used for these Skills and the rest stays normal. EDIT: In German: Dryad Skills Alternate CA. Module: Venemous Entrapment is in German Still called: "Sprint" I would love to have the same CA Details in German as I have in English. There a no Values of the CAs listet in the German Version.
  2. I would love to have the possibilty (extra module?) with 3 more skillslots for the utility skills. I dont have the time to level a extra Char for Trading / Smithing... If you want to prevent that the player chooses other skills, maybe it is possible to make them level 1 fix Skills that the player has after starting at level 1. Loving Boss fights <3 Always more are welcome. I have seen that you have tons of new Bosses in Diablo Fallen. Why not make some nice Mini Quest in the World with the Theme that a unknown evil is tyring to Enter Ancaria and we can slay these Bosses. Actual
  3. Would be cool for Niob. As a "you cleared the niob campaign" reward. Now you can just travel the World and hunt bosses and farm your Desired Equipment. But I guess it is not possible to build that in the ingame mechanics. A mod will do it to.
  4. hmm, I wonder what to do than after I finished Niob Campaign if I cant kill most bosses again. for Fun Boss Runs and item Hunting <3 I thought the Grunwald Dragons is not a Quest Boss. I played the game the last time Vanilla Ice and Blood . I read the most of the CM patch notes and Addendum. But not everything of the EE Edition. Since Addendum has some EE stuff I dont know every improvement and fix or change to the world behavior. I compare most of my knowledge to my old CLoset net experience and Singleplayer Experience. I realy like arpg and Sacred 1 was a huge part of my childho
  5. insane for silver. Like I said. The golem Died is a few seconds. - and it seems like the worldbosses do not respawn in Free play. So I can kill every boss only once per Difficulty. The Dragon in the Wood Cave has not re spawned for us.
  6. On silver the game, especially bosses are very very easy. Golem died in around 5 seconds. The Monster do enough damage on the Player but die in no second. Is it normal that the Dragon mage gets 300+ int buff with only 10 runes in ? The damage with the small earth golems and the Dragon is insane.
  7. I read that a player can only get these points once per Quest. Or can I claim them on every playtrough (Silber / Gold / Platin/ niob) If I dont get them every time, why do I get them if I repeat quests in Freeplay ? (Hardcode problem ?) I guess the free play Quests were linked to the same quests folder the campaign mode is. Isnt it possible to link the freeplay to another srcipt in wich the quests dont give points ? I have no clue of coding etc but just an idea. <3
  8. I can upload the file later this day. The problem only is with the Dragon mage so far. Dryad the exchange works well. I test is in single player and other rundes later before I upload, so you have more specific data. Are in Freeplay no sidequests? Cant remember if or if not they were active on the Freeplay. We have none. Single and Multiplayer.
  9. Sorry for double Post: If I want to trade Runes I get white runes I cant learn. Class: Dragon Mage testet rune outcome: Eternal Flame and Scorching Dive. Not testet if this happens with other runes I want to get to.
  10. The Bow "Enuis Swift Sting" is Invisible (has no model)
  11. I ment the CA,s not the Skills skill progression is fine. The Early CA rush is a bit to fast.
  12. it would be enough to slow down the early points abit. That the player dont can max a skill in the first few levels. On the other hand in the long run that is very relative and trivial. Playing coop with my friend, and it is fun and so far no coop bugs,
  13. my first Impression on the early many modification points is, that the feeling of choosing my perk is not there. I can max out a main CA around level 9. If I would get the points slower and the normal amount while still being able to put 6 point in 1 CA would end in choices. I could decide to get 1-3 CAs to max. (6points) or every CA but not maxed out. Making decision is (opinion) one of the fun parts of a an arpg. The idea of being able to get a CA to 6 points opens up the possibility to concentrate on a really specialized build. But if I can get every CA to maximun it may lead i
  14. haha, <3 yea I remember the old effect. Does it cause trouble if I edit the spell.txt for another animation ? yea you are right. Have you tested the power progression with 6 modification? Since I will play a little with that I can give some feedback if I play further if you like. If the change is just for the fun part that is okay too.
  15. Did you made some Balance adjustments cause of the Possibility to get 6 Modifications and 20 Skills.? And it seems that the players get the Modification points alot faster than normal. But maybe I just cant remember that correctly since I havnt played for a while. Would love to see a more beautiful effect for Bark-skin. The Green effect on the hole body is kind of ugly and it is a pity that the player cant enjoy the Armor. It would be so fun if it would be possible to add Procs to Sets. Like chance to infect with "Viperish Disease". No idea if something like that is possible, but wo
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