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  1. Oh I certainly never meant to get it for free, I simply put it as you can still get a beta to try and use, then if you don't like it, go and get your preorder back, If gamestop then notifies blizzard, no harm done since you wouldnt still be playing it if you didnt like it anyway
  2. There is a way to get the keys, For 5$ you can preorder through Game Stop get your beta key and play, if you dont like the game you can go and get your 5$ preorder back. Its a nice way to check it out, and far easier then waiting to be on the beta list.
  3. Well the beavers have gone back to building their damn, seems that the hole has finally been fixed. The entire town, ok town of 20 people) came together and helped fix my moms house, gave her a new furnace , hot water heater, and water pump. it was huge and mind blowing how everyone came together to help her. So far so good, everything seems to be ok now Thank you Daveo
  4. Soooo. I thought I would share this, and maybe hope that a few of the old gang would like to come and see, (Come to the EU servers though, Snowbourn ) FREEEE play option, No pay so you can come and enjoy the beautiful world, the only one that makes me not miss Sacred 1 so much. Check out all the chatter here Would be great to see some old faces I do miss everyone so much!
  5. Oh Todd said something about maybe posting it here after seeing it on facebook, so had to hop over to see and boom, Dawn put it up haha its funny seeing myself there, I didnt like how the camera made me look, or winter was too rough on me Still waiting on new news, they still wont let her in the house untill some things are fixed, and we ran into some issues with a company that thinks mom is a goldmine, grrrrr, people just suck sometimes. One day at a time and hopefully she will be back in her home soon.
  6. oh ya we are still here, cant get us off the net I think, But spend alot of social time on facebook I will poke around here more often
  7. Dont know, slacking on the job of the main dam I think... so far so good though, hopefully will know more tomorrow, crossing fingers the house will be ok. This video is better, They did a great job taking care of my mom! Great Community!
  8. ack! I got stuck in the DM doggie door for a while, Thank you gogo for fixing my password! Ive gone Viral! woot! (cough) with the video guys
  9. Hey Ari, Happy B'day! Do drop by, there are some drinks waiting for you ;)

  10. Oh I miss all of it My dark elf, vamp, my wood elf who would just wipe the maps... Bear cave with my closest friends... Wish I had it all back. Sacred 2 just isn't what S1 was on any level.
  11. muahaha and your all mine! >:E hehe I think you look perfect!! Gimmie!
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