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  1. hello I would like to warn that the game took , I formatted the pc and could make him take it , thank you for helping me .
  2. Já pendurado avast e firewall ainda não funcionar, as janelas 8 é interprise. já reinstalado jogos de vapor, mas não fora da tela inicial.I would try to solve the viwer tean ? if someone wants I am available
  3. I already checked the cache of the game about 4 times and already deleted everything and reinstalled twice, and nothing changes.
  4. the game worked before , bought by stean more formatted the pc and now the game to connect and not comes out of this screen . help me ai
  5. quando eu inicio o sacred 2 gold ele abre a tela preta com a logo no meio e no canto esquerdo fica as letras laranja, mais ai embaixo fica em conecting to server local e nao sai mais dessa parte. alguem ai me ajuda?
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