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  1. Hello Androdion! I can give you some feedback if we are talking about D2F, don't remember much about vanilla sacred tho. If you are looking for splash damage and variety of CAs your best bet is the sorceress, nearly all of her CAs have or can be modded to do splash damage (the exception being enchant and energy shield, even teleport can be modded to do splash damage), and yes it is a viable build, I have a level 89 sorceress mainly focused on splash damage and CAs regeneration and barely get scratched cause anything in my general vicinity gets repeatedly blasted right away.
  2. Grim dawn's devs have been pushing updates quite regurlarly and mostly based on community feedback, it really shows how much they care about the game, I guess some people got really spoiled because of this and think that they can get away with saying anything because they know they are gonna get updates anyway, it's really sad, and worst of it is that eventually the devs patience is gonna run dry.
  3. I just finished this quest and it is awesome, hard and challenging but in a good way and the best of all, the loot, I'm absolutely loaded with new gear (and the final reward wich is very, very cool). The only odd thing I found is when fighting round 7 (phase 1) the one large humanoid mounted disappeared mid fight, but I left the game and re-entered and it fixed. And now there's 2 Deckard Cains, this one and the one in Sloeford near the soul stone. Thanks for this awesome addition!
  4. The large humanoid on phase 1 is holding a weird sword, is it new? I can't tell from that angle.
  5. Oh, no, not at all, because they disappear and reappear I thought they did not have a proper casting animation for ancestral fireball. Thanks!
  6. Hey flix, in that area that's filled with t energy pools near the desert the mutated rats have a weird teleport ancestral fireball attack (sorry I can't describe it more accurately) it looks odd that they disappear for a moment, then there's a explotion on my character and then reappears, is this intentional?
  7. Hey Flix, could you take a look at firestorm? I find it very weak compared to other combat arts, I know it is suposed to be a level 1 skill like in diablo but still it has a long regen time and does little damage even with damage boost (base damage and critical damage) mods and regen time reduction mod applied. Thanks.
  8. Hey Flix, I started a new character and came across these items, these are for a quest in sloeford (I can't remember the name), never actually payed much attention to it but these look pretty nice, that shield has a "knightly" look and the sword looks very clean could be a nice two hander, is it possible to add them? I think these would complete the repertory of unused items. https://imgur.com/0kWy43P https://imgur.com/XtttbZ2
  9. No, on rare occasions I've had a couple of minor glitches like these in other games, so yeah it is most likely related to this pc's graphics card being outdated. I'll try running the mod on my other pc, it'll most likely work fine. Thanks for replying!
  10. Temperature and voltage seems normal, I've recently changed the thermal paste so it´s not a problem related to overheat.
  11. Yes, but I also have run the game with maxed out graphics and got the same results, I'm thinking it must be a graphics card problem unfortunately, this pc is quite old after all.
  12. Tried it, same with elite textures on, still no luck.
  13. Yes, it does look normal, but once the wave disappears it leaves nearby objects completely black. PhysX off, texture quality default, graphics setting custom (low). Do I need elite textures?
  14. Hey Flix, congratulations on the new release! I'm getting hooked on playing sacred again. That new ice nova fx looks awesome but for some reason it leaves black untextured patches. https://imgur.com/Kfgbd3B Is this a glitch or could it be a graphics card problem? I have fully updated to cm patch 1.60, uninstalled and deleted the old version of d2fallen before installing the new one and started a new character. Thanks as always!
  15. Hey Flix. I 've been wondering about crossbows again and I think these could be used as a amazon/dryad weapon only. https://prnt.sc/izgra1 The blowpipe stance could be looked (with a little imagination) as a crossbow shooting stance, if you change some of the blowpipe models to look like a crossbow, these could be a "strong but slow" kind of version of the blowpipe. I think even the sound effect fits as a crossbow shot sound. What do you think? Thanks in advance!
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