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  1. oh myy... what have we done o_O The entire Text is the April Fool's Joke. It's all not true. But when I can see now that some thinks about how funny it might be to have one or another thing from the list in Game... we will see what will happen. Cheers PyxeL
  2. *me hands over a cup of tea or coffee patient, you must have
  3. next accident is online - check it out, and beware of the metal snake http://forum.unbended.zone/threads/discuss-the-new-crafting-info.596/#post-8491
  4. Still on Crafting, we have some nice fresh shiny informations for you : http://www.unbended.zone/insights/?lang=en#2 cheers and a bottle of rum! haarrrrrr PyxeL
  5. the first of several crafting "accidents" is now online
  6. Good News for all Next week we will start the year with some new fresh Info. And we allready have the stuff for the next 3 to 4 month ready Hope you will enjoy. Kind regards, PyxeL
  7. @gogo We still have plenty of ideas ATM it's all a bit tricky and marketing has it's own rules. so... sorry - can't say more this time.
  8. *Spooooky Pyxels apears on Knuckles Monitor* For sure we will invite you to participate in a future event. This time we at UNBENDED decide to do a cross over event with sacred-legends. Please don't worry. Christmas isn't that far
  9. Thank's you all for your warm words and in general your replies. All honor belongs to Ironwill. Without his power of endurance, I've never dreamed off to dig the net for that information. @Ironwill I salute you and thank you. Real words, no sarcastic or ironic here. Sometimes it's only the ease which helps out of all struggles. Yours Markus
  10. sooo.. what to say I hope this helps about the question: Who the hell did the voices for Sacred 2 US Version since there was no answer, even in the Manual. And not only this. The list is more complete then all others before. And you are the first who see this. For sure - no one else on the planet has this list on his website / in his wiki. But I have to say - the list did not come from anyone who works for Studio II or Ascaron or UNBENDED. I'd dig deepest around the net to fullfill a wish and got luckily a reply. After years - your wiki can now get more complete then ever before
  11. Windows7 does support more then 16GB - might depend on the win7 version you choose from. Answers are "from what I know" 1st) everytime it depends on the program you run. a 32Bit Program will never use more then 2GB 2nd) only 64 bit programs can take profit of more ram 3rd) with more ram you're able to run more 32bit programs the same time with full use of the 2GB limitation before they start to use the pagefile. why - the memory controller of win7 can virtually serve the necessary memory in a 32bit adress range. Beside As lujate mentioned - be sure to connect all mobo power connectors
  12. does it work automatic or manual ? I think its automatic, as my donations adjust the counter almost instantly. Yes, its automatic, thanks to paypal api
  13. you will never got a meal like this over here in germany, but I will try to make it on my own this week and report with a picture calories I'm comming! *me jumps in*
  14. tada new sig, now works like a charm.
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