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  1. I was thinking your first paragraph. I've always been a fan of straight answers, which is common on this site. Thank you!!
  2. I'm sure there would be problems galore with that one!! I have used it before with CM 1.50, worked good. I did get an incompatibility warning when I tried to Enable SuperSpawn though. What's your thoughts on that?
  3. I have searched and searched for the forum I found those on within DarkMatters. No luck. Sorry.
  4. There's a More monsters 1 and 2 on this site. I'll try yours. Thank you!!
  5. Thank you for your advice. I will do that. Great work. What about the More Monsters script mod?
  6. You're welcome!! Yes, balance and questscripts. I've recently returned to Sacred 2 Gold after a long break from it. Just didn't want to put anything in the wrong place.
  7. Outstanding work on this one too!! Thank you!! So I'm curious if I can add my experience, Drop, and Open all the portals edit with this Enhanced Edition WITHOUT messing up any of your hard work? If so what would be the best way to add them?
  8. That's great. Thank you for the welcome. The CM Patch 1.60 is much improved as well. Great work on it too.
  9. The Diablo II Mod is great. Thanks to all who worked hard on it!! I'm curious is Diablo II the only game changing mod or is there more? I'm also a major fan of Jade Dynasty. Would a mod similar to Jade Dynasty even be possible with Sacred II?
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