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  1. Problemes d'erection viagrasansordonnancefr.com patients en France

  2. @chattius It's been years that I've been trying to do a build disease for dryad I still don't understand! and yet it still drives me crazy to see so much damage. Can you share your work with me precisely?
  3. Hi, so I started a buid but I'm stuck on a question. Should I start on 100% intel and carry a magic stick or balance it with strength and take a hammer with both hands? Obviously I'm willing to take any other advice ! Shadow Veil (Buff) A B A Spectral Hand B B A Skeletal Fortification A B A Reflective Emanation (Buff) B B A Grim Resilience (Buff) A A A 1-Astral Lord Lore 2-Astral Lord Focus 3-Concentration 4-Discipline de combat 5-Tactics Lore 6-Damage Lore 7-Speed Lore 8-Hafted Weapons or Magic Staffs ? 9-Armor Lore 10-Ancient Magic
  4. Hello, this and my first build and I wanted to know if it was viable Attribute: All in Stamina or Intel or 50/50 ? Skills: 1-Concentration: 75 pts ?(For the 3 buffs (Protection runes + Familiar + Protector)) 2-Dragon Magic Lore: 75 pts 3-Dragon Magic Focus: 75 pts 4-Armor Lore: 75 pts 5-Ancient Magic: 75 pts 6-Force: 75 pts 7-Elemental Magic Focus: 75 pts 8-Mentalism Focus: 75 pts 9-Combat discipline: 75 pts 10-Bargaining: 75 pts Improvement: Runes of Protection: Protection + Stone Skin + Runes
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