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  1. Happy New Year all , just had to drop by to see the theme for Xmas, well done again.
  2. Hi all, just had to drop by to see what the theme for Halloween would be and you have absolutely outdone yourselves this year....bravo Hope you are all well
  3. Just called in to see how things have changed and WOW have they changed......drinks all round, hope you are all well and most importantly having fun :)
  4. Funkilicious


    Everyone will get something different out of the show, but I have enjoyed the journey
  5. Yes the most practical surface, I personally hate carpet and have wooden floors myself so maybe pull up the carpet (its getting too sticky from all the spillages anywho) and lay down the timber
  6. Its quieter at the back, just as long as you keep passing the drinks along, I am happy Maybe the carpet needs replacing too, seems a bit threadbare
  7. Funkilicious


    Well six years of my life went too quickly but RIP Lost, you will be sadly missed
  8. Just so busy these days and I just got back from Melbourne for the weekend, the weather was freezing, nice to get back and pack my jackets away but was good to catch up with Family.
  9. Chris - but only because he is quirky and original
  10. Wow this site has really taken off, congrats guys, you have worked hard for the results :wubs:
  11. Just dropping by to say hey! Weather is a bit lousy today so hot chocolates all round and dont forget your snuggie Cheers
  12. Currently in the Eastern Beaches area, when we first came to Sydney from Melbourne we were in the Hills District.
  13. Must just be my American skepticism of everything that's ... not American then. What can I say those Americans
  14. (Quote omitted for length) While I share that viewpoint in some respects, I can't help but feel it's got a "Hey you kids get off my lawn" tone of bitterness coming from a 40- or 50-something left in the technological dust, and he'd just as soon complain about video games, solar power, or whatever the current 21st century technology is. Devilishly clever using Twitter as a scapegoat though. Oh I don't view it that way Sych, I put it down to Australian humour
  15. So glad to hear that you are doing extremely well in our beautiful country and especially big congrats on those marks in your course and good luck for the next course I am sure you will breeze thru it, you have determination. Renting is a huge problem at the moment but good for us landlords as we get full occupancy at great rental rates. Keep in there Jun I am sure you will find suitable accomodation, it will be good for you and your wife to have your own space anyway let alone doing others chores.. good luck Zoe
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