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  1. heh been busy with work the last few weeks and I got cut off my internet couse I didnt pay the bill well started a few weeks ago with a longdistance project having 12-14 hours from leaving and returing home, sooo its been loooong days to damn tired to do anything, but falling asleep on the couch after consuming my meal the good thing is I have internet again nice to be back
  2. ha glad I didnt put on the evil kami event on server name and have fun over and out for 2day
  3. ok ill create a KAMI game in the name of D.A.R.K couse we must rock on
  4. well the site was more to get the picture of the forms I was talkin about normally u use em for dough to get forms out nowadays u can use it to create nice salad forms on a plate or to give yout mashed potato a form to get the kids to clean there plates never saw the egg poaching pans so I have no clue but found this site http://www.life123.com/food/cooking-tips/c...ch-an-egg.shtml u prolly need a non stickypan one
  5. u can use these round thingies dont know how its called in english u can get them in any form. usually its used to get forms out from dough lol check out this dutch site http://www.kookwinkel.nl/cms,22326,kookrin...eekvormpjes.asp to get the idea what im talking about
  6. I think your water is to hot. the trick is that u must NOT get the water boiling, keep at around 85ºC and not higher then 90ºC so pratically the water must lay still while cooking what u need is : a pan water at least 3 inches high some vinegar ( try a expresso cup full) some salt put the water,vinegar and salt in the pan and start to boil that make sure your water is NOT boiling/bubbling not higher then 90ºC the best thing to do is to put your egg in a cup this is to make sure u can pour it easily into the water use a guard ( utensil) hope I translate this cor
  7. yup that is the thing I ate most when I was little yes and porridge can be made salty and what myles said be4 its called congee easy to make btw. just some rice and lotsa water . if u want to add meat to it just make sure u put alot of salt on the meat and put it in the fridge overnight be4 using it in the congee/porridge if its not salty enough u can use some chinese soy sauce in it. I hate the sweet porridge but with beans and fried peanuts thats new to me mostly its the gongee with chicken or pork and even with some dried shrimps my mom use to make many different
  8. erm regular pots I think soup pots from small to big round ones and the one I used to make the veggies and the meat is called a wok its a oriental pan, where u can easely bake things in it thats true what u say but the ground mutton/lamb is ofc the young lamb, couse its a bit cheaper I usually order lamb at the butcher, most of them are lamb chops or ribs nice for the grill or bbq well poor folks dishes are the best dishes most of the time. its easy to make and noweadays people like to experiment so the dishes become even better:D
  9. to bad gogo u cant join us, family is important to sometimes and dmol hurry and join us btw where is the server?
  10. mutton is same as lamb, nowadays its called lamb nice make sure u get me your recipe so I can test yours out already got a mixed ground meat only is to know what/how your style is
  11. my cannotusethisavatar , size to big ps. any1 can down size this avatar?
  12. I reaaally want to but im afraid the customs will nok on my door and put me in jail for trying to send u guy's some mad lamb disease well hehe lamb has a particullar strong taste to it and to combine that strong taste to a finer/ smoother taste u add rosemary and/or parsley and/or thyme to it and I always have some dry herbs in my kitchen, so tome it was easy access a quick marinade for lambs chop: ( also work with a nice piece of chiken breast/filet or any other meat but u might need to marinade longer then 30min): oil, onion, garlick, thyme, parsle
  13. hehe just got home and got me some ingredients. yesterday I saw this thread and it got me thinking went searching for some recepies and got me the ingredients atm ill be making it for 2night ill keep u guys updated^^ used ingredients: 500 gram ground mutton 1 kg potatoes 2 onions lotsa garlick mix peppers/capsicums ( red, yellow and green) shallot corn mix some herbs ( rosemary, parsley, basil ) tomatoes ( had some in the fridge that needed to be used or I had to throw them away the next few days) cheese - ok atm the potatoes are done, so ill mash it u
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