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  1. Maybe we need a RANT thread! Can I create one? lols
  2. Hi everyone I know that there have been some threads about achievements and trophies, however I thought it would be good to post this guide here as well. http://mycheats.1up.com/view/faq/3168070/7...allen_angel/ps3 The guide links back to Schot's map on a couple of places to thanks again to him for making such a great map! It would also be great if some of the mods uploaded this to the Wiki if it meeets its standards. I have a file but I don't know if I can/how to attach files to this post. Yuriko
  3. Hi there Unfortunately the copying to USB then pasting to ps3 did not work... I even tried doing a full system restore and it is not working I contacted the devs and the answer I got is that I would have to start again because this was introduced to prevent cheating. So... my ps3 breaking equals me cheating.... not quite. Well I will keep trying and bugging their support for help, anyone else got any ideas?
  4. Hi everyone I think this has happened to a number of people so I am looking for ideas on how to fix this error. It seems to appear if you play Sacred 2 on different ps3s or if you restore an old save (which is what happened to me, since my ps3 broke and I started playing in a new one). The game will play but you will not be allowed to trade with other users, which is bad. So I am looking to compile and tests ways to get around this problem. I have contacted CVD about it but I have not gotten a response yet. So any ideas? I am pretty upset as I was doing rather well and I am being punished because of ps3 hardware failure...
  5. You can pick up the immortal side quest companions and bring them along and they will actually distract the bosses, giving you a better chance to deal damage without being attacked even with melee weapons. This is a good cheap technique when playing co-op as well... you can have the other 3 strong players plus a bunch of lesser minions take on one boss And no, we cannot see who they are in the console version, so unless you know what quest is for whom, you are going to be completing at random.
  6. Yes we do. Actually with all of the characters. Dryads and HE seem to be more flexible, and Shadow Warriors look quite funny with their kicks. Haha
  7. I am playing the ps3 version but apparently the 360 version is glitched, with many people getting "extremely diligent" but not "diligent", etc. Overall conditions are: You must do 200 SIDE quests (main quest does not count, and class quest does not count either it seems) You must do then on the same game (campaign) You must be the host I've met all those conditions...I guess its just ANOTHER glitch in this frigin game. Somehow I'm not surprised at all, just piffed. Yes many glitches in this game... a pity... The conditions are "supposed to" be the above, however there are glitches so some people get the achievement at 200 quests, others at 360, and everything in between. As I mentioned there is also the glitch that the "diligent"achievement will not unlock, even if the extremely diligent one is done. UPDATE: I have 266 quests completed and still no achievement with any and all requirements already met. The vast majority have been done alone. The ones that were done in co-op were in rooms where I was the host. All during the Gold Campaign(the MAIN reason I didn't move onto Plat was because I wanted this DAMN achievement!) That sux!... Keep trying?
  8. You have to take Sword Weapons to be able to weild the stronger swords as you advance in the game. So regardless of wether it stacks with Dual Weild or not (I have heard too many different inputs to be sure either way), if you want to use swords you have to take and should eventually master this skill.
  9. On console you can't even interact with the altars. They show up us a piece of the environment that CAN be interacted with but you can't actually do anything with them. The action/activate button doesn't produce a result. So I still have all 20 temples and no achievement. On top of that I haven't gotten my Extremely Diligent Achievement yet and I have 266 solved quests on one character under one campaign. Just another laundry list of grips, complaints, and obvious bugs with this game that really piff me off. I'm at 48.9% of the map revealed on my main character...if I don't receive my Mater Cartographer achievement I'm gonna go ape FECAL MATTER!. Yeah... I supposed that the change from PC to console was not as easy as one would hope. The achievements are more glitched than the trophies, btw, so PS3 users will have an easier time getting their rewards.
  10. That's the Shield of The Gods, was available in Sacred 1 if you had high enough disarming skill to knock it off a mighty Ice Elf Priestess... You can see screenie of it here. Dunno if it's available in Sacred 2.... cheers! Chareos Rantras I'll keep an eye open to see if this appears. It does look nice!
  11. Here, I made a quick video of PS3 version Bad quality but took the vid with my phone so...
  12. Nice Thanks! I am still confused by the wiki... it's just SO big and there is SO much information that I always end up asking about things in a forum
  13. I chose Pelting Strikes Bronze Thrust - Inflicts more damage with each hit. Silver Focus - Lowers regeneration time. Gold Precision - Increases the chance to land critical hits. Battle Stance Bronze Premonition - Further increase attack value. Silver Drill - Reduces the energy cost of Battle Stance. Gold Idol - Extends a portion of the effects to party members. **Only useful if you play co-op!**
  14. I have not noticed any bonus for using the same weapon (besides it looking cool)... will be interested in finding out if there is a bonus, or if there "should" be a bonus. (glitches lol) Oh and since we are here, what is this stuff I read about Dual Wield and Sword Weapons not stacking?
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