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  1. Hellloooo all !!! LONG time no see! Thought I would drop in for a drink and cookies! Hope all are well! This forum is now so WOW - awesome work all :thumpsup: BTW is Mr still arouund? Hope your well mate!
  2. Interesting times indeed Good luck to everyone in the merged Uni! hoping it all works out whatever you do gintukas
  3. This is by far the most frightening footage I have seen that shows the immense power of the earth quake - watch it through to the end - it's quite amazing in a bad way. Earh quake footage
  4. Happy belated Birthday GOgo! Hope you had an awesome day!
  5. Ohh noeezzzz - Hatechoir returns! Hope you find a decent account mate! I am looking for one myself for Igs - I hope this merge finally happens - it's taking a while!
  6. Hi all - Its been ages since I logged into DM - it looks great even though I find it a bit confusing! Just wanted to say a BIG Hi to all and hope your all doing well - whats news? I am still playing Ogame - I guess I am officially hooked Here is my latest hit - Latest Hit Does anyone know anything about the Uni merge and does anyone have a spare account? I am looking for one for Igs to play Take care all and great job with the forum - cheers - see you in the bar!
  7. After reading all these views the one constant I see in FDM is change. It has certainly changed a great deal since I first became a member. Makes me think - change can be good The people here are a lot nicer to each other, treat each other with respect etc than any other Forum I have been to. Fantastic to see. edit: woooahhh - Joined: 1-February 06 Member No.: 36 I had no idea it had been so long! Amazing work Admins
  8. Hi all - we have decided to have a IRC reunion - at one point it was quite pumping - and we thought it would be a great idea to all just catch up. All are invited and the link is bellow - If you have any questions regarding IRC just let me know. Hope you can all make it!! Linky >>>> irc://irc.holonet.org/Spawn If you have an IRC client - ChatZilla or mIRC - just paste the link into the browser address bar and it will take you straight there It's going to run for this weekend so if you can please drop in! Hope your all well Regards ~ Anestty ~
  9. Thanks for thinking of us Genenut, I am a city girl so *knocks on wood* I can only read about it like yourselves. My Parents phoned on Sunday (they live in Melbourne) and made me aware of one person that we know that hasn't been accounted for as yet, so prayers are with him. It is hard to fathom exactly what these poor people faced with the fire storm front racing 20 kilometres in 5 minutes, survivors have said that it sounded like jet engines so you can imagine the panic people were in, very hard decisions were made "should they stay or should they go?" You just dont realise how fickle Mother Nature can be, and we thought we had it tough with the heat wave that preceded the event. That's a great post guys, some of the figures are staggering. 1 fire alone was a 1000 km long front, four stories high, the energy released equivalent to 500 Hiroshima's, the worst for me was 3 members of a family hiding in a bathtub of water, with wet towels, feeling the water would save them. Instead the intense heat boiled the water. Trees and houses exploding, and people unable to outrun the fire in there cars, causing many deaths, One town of 500 people losing one hundred ( not confirmed ), and yet it continues as we speak, and of course lets not forget the folk in Queensland doing it just as tough, through floods no less :/ So far in the fires they say it could reach 300 people dead. Worse than Bali, worse than anything ever in peace time. It is heartening all the offers of assistance and calls from other countries, friends and foe. I really hope your friend is ok
  10. From the pic I posted earlier - I heard an interview with the guy today - amazing, stunning and so rare - I find it uplifting and shows a good example of the Aussie spirit
  11. As Australia reels from a massive disaster - I see this Now keep in mind Koalas are wild and can be quite ferocious With so many people so terribly upset everywhere - I think this is special We will rebuild
  12. My family and I are all fine - Living many thousand of kilometers from the current fires. Terrible over on the east coast :S I have seen people openly weep as the toll rises Don't know what else to add really
  13. I have new job - starting Monday. Not much different to my last one, a large mining company, working in IT. But with all the doom and gloom around the place I had a strange experience. I sent out my C.V to some specialist recruitment company's as I have done in the past many times. I had two interviews setup, was told I had done very well on both occasions, was in the top 3 and was being considered. Then... nothing. Silence. Awkward emails from the recruiters, 'Were not sure whats going on". Then after 2 weeks, both positions were 'withdrawn', no longer being filled and they would be in touch etc etc. Eeeeeeeep. In the end I scored on my 3rd try, a very cool position in a large company owned by the Chinese Government. Great money, location, conditions the lot. I had a huge sigh of relief, I am shielded from all the problems for at least 12 months if I choose, but it does not look good even here where we are experiencing what they call a 'once in a life time boom'. The prospect of me not getting work, however brief made me miserable. So I really feel for others in places where economic conditions are far worse. I have planned to go to London, Greece, Turkey and Israel in march next year. I am having a serious re-think. The AUD has dropped by a third in value, and I had planned to work in the E.U while there. Anyone else noticed much where they are?
  14. Yeh - I am almost certain that its one of the choices in the drop down list - but - ermmm - why:)
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