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  1. I think what upsets us in these accounts is Deus Ex Machina. The writer of these gems needs to move the plot from A to B, and thinks he (or she) can do it quickly by xyz. Well. Turns out xyz is impossible. But the writer doesn't know that. xyz is why I generally can't enjoy computer movies or tv shows. The writers make completely clueless assumptions of the capabilities of technology, and just run with it. Star Trek often does that by using baffle-gab (as the xyz) and making a simple analogy, and bam! Everything is solved! And "understood". Babylon 5 succeeded in telling science f
  2. HOW did you find it Frost? I swear I have the only physical copy nowadays. :scratch: I think I used by the wayback machine (a website archive that lets you travel back in time to old posts on the web)... but I did save in email the text at one point or other too. https://archive.org/web/
  3. Hmm. Trying to find that good first zombie. Bellevue: wolves. I can manage to get one of them, and it dies quickly. I've removed all my poison damage from my attack, as a poisoned AD still suffers poison damage after death. I've taken to the Lost Boy Quest Cave in Southern Bellevue to limit my opponent numbers... (and allow me to quickly get replacements by exiting and entering the cave). However, unfortunately, the wolves in this cave deal poison damage sometimes. I was thinking the Lorinor trail out by Mascarell... but it is above ground. The cave in east Bellevue (Seraphim hidden ques
  4. Gosh. I missed this reply from 8 YEARS ago! The wolf companion: gets 40% of its level from you. It needs to match in level its opponents... so you need to read enough runes to get its level to match them. You can see what level it will be by hovering over the CA. It's stronger (higher level) at night. Attack CA. Just read 1 rune, and then socket (or shop) for higher levels. Yes. All of them. (CA, skills, LL, WIDD). I don't bother with WIDD myself because I don't like playing that close to death. But, if it floats your boat. I'm playing a 28 Days Later Vampiress right now. This we
  5. I voted both the Octogalamus and the Swirling Mist of the Miasma. The Octo would constantly heal itself (I usually play underpowered) and the Swirling Mist cannot be hurt (undead don't last long around my characters). A lot of wait time with Mist-and yes, 3 times fight for the Light path. I voted for 2 of the bosses. I wonder if that will skew the numbers in the poll? Griffin doesn't bother me so much.
  6. My Great Aunt lived to be 98. She was careful with her health after her teen years... she had a kidney removed before high school... After that, she was very careful. She carried a bit of extra weight around... always loved her food. She attributed her longevity to morning oatmeal. She sprinkled a tablespoon of "Canadian" ground flax seed on her oatmeal everyday. So, there you have it: Her secret: flax seed. (very good source of healthy oil).
  7. Re: Kidney Stones. I know two people who had them (one had a recurrence). The one without recurrence was a 60-something year old man. His source: strawberries. His kidneys had calcified with some chemical found in strawberries only. He had eaten strawberry jam on toast every day of his life. The toxin that got him was found only in strawberries. So: a good reason to vary your diet. The other fellow was told to stay away from carbonated (soft drinks aka soda) beverages. He loves drinking coca cola. He also has a very high fat diet with minimal fibre. He hates drinking water,
  8. My Dryad has experienced movement lock a few times in the last few weeks. Mostly underneath Seraphim Island. I tried to use Forest Flight to break the movement lock, but that didn't work. FF worked, but Dryad still was locked. I tried various CAs... and eventually she unlocked. I was wondering if stack overflow was causing corruption of the char status. The dryad was running through the lower levels ignoring the monsters (balance.txt set with low monster damge: 10% of normal). Stack overflow could occur from too many monsters spawned in a short period of time. I wondered if it is
  9. Hm.. I click on this, and get "This video is private." So, I used the words (which disappeared when it could not load) to search on youtube. Got this one, which worked for me in Canada: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zc1Ctu5Y9kA Very fun. I like it.
  10. Hi there. I'm in search of recipes to fit my limited (no hot spices, seafood, nor mushrooms) palate. I've tried to limit my gluten to bread and the occasional hamburger... so most will not be very gluteny. Things I've recently tried and found delicious are: Inspired by a visit to a Greek restaurant: 1) Lemon Potatoes (with canola oil, finely minced garlic, squeezed lemon juice and thyme) A soup high in flavour and fibre: 2) Homemade veg soup ("healthy" vegetarian soup powder, drained and rinsed cans of {mixed beans, lentils}, can of crushed tomatoes, some dried peas,
  11. Can the way back machine be used to uncorrupt the Sacred Wiki (which I seriously miss---as I'm SP playing Sacred 1 (aka 2.28))
  12. I've tried veggie dogs and veggie burgers... and liked them. Somewhere in my recent reading I came across the idea that men should avoid soy products. The writer was concerned with estrogen production in men. So, he wanted men to avoid soy. I'm not going to go out of my way to avoid soy sauce, but am now not going to consciously choose tofu or soy to eat. That's all I know. A cautionary idea from a fitness writer.
  13. Very stoked for this one movie too! Can hardly wait!!!
  14. I got very very excited when I saw the trailer for this movie!! The presence of Brad Pitt (don't really care he's in it) implied the movie makers had the money to hire the A list actors. Which implies they have the money to hire the best lighting technicians, directors, caterers, casting directors, make-up artists, costumers, etc... The trailer had me hooked. I expect a wild ride on this one!!!
  15. Wow. 200 people a week will start play-testing the beta to Diablo III, starting soon! Entry to Diablo III sweepstakes...
  16. LOLol! That's so funny... in their socks, underwear? Holee molee what about wallets, don't they sell those in South Africa? gogo on the ellen show, they had a photo posted: The photo is a sign taped to a retail store's door: We no longer accept cash from underwear. Her comment is, "One person ruins it for the rest of us." Yiiiiiiiieeeee. (...and I've used a money belt... but in India, I stored some of my money in my shoes, under the orthopedic inserts... I put some money once (bills) in my back pocket to pay the taxi, and my friend there said: don't pul
  17. Aussie $: I made friends with a fellow who visited Canada from Australia. He worked at my company for a year as a traveling scholar. He'd started this world trip in Sweden (home of ABBA). He spent 6 months there working in manufacturing engineering. Then he worked with us for a year. (This was subsidized by Australian university... that way the prospective employers didn't have to pay as much... 1/2 the money (guess here) came from the Australian traveling scholar program.) So, he learned what things cost in Sweden and Canada (to compare with home, Austrlia). When visiting this fri
  18. Hurricane Irene has not affected us... centre of the continent and all... but we still have flood water from the spring! We have 2 big lakes and this year they decided to divert water from the west to east rivers system (Assiniboine) to Lake Manitoba. My friend has a family cottage on Lake Manitoba. There now are sand bags (and have been for weeks) protecting the property as the Lake (it is real big) level has risen 5 feet (IIRC). We had strong winds over the weekend... and I'm worried his cottage was swept away... though maybe (crosses fingers) nothing has happened. Hurricane Irene wa
  19. I'm going to try this one out from the Library. If I like it, I'll put my money where my mouth (or eyes in this case are) is. are is. I am English great! Frost/Dave
  20. I'm having trouble with PMs. Oh. This might explain it: [#10227] You are not allowed to use the private messaging system. Also: I'm locked out of editing the wiki. I was going to work on S1 Unknown Warrior, but I'm not allowed! Probably just a setting or two. Dave/Frost.
  21. Oh. This might explain it: [#10227] You are not allowed to use the private messaging system.

  22. Hi Schot. I was trying to update the wiki about the Unknown Warrior Quest chain a week or so ago (doing it again in S1) and found no way to edit it... even after I logged in. Any thoughts? Is S1 maybe locked for update now? (this is my attempt at a PM. Can't find the functionality in the new forum, Doh!)

    Best witches Frost/Dave

  23. Hurrah! :cow_white: Welcome back! Very much looking forward to hearing more from you! (Hope Germany is getting better for you.)
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