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  1. make sure your in campaign mode and not free world.... other than that. try to do the quest in a different difficulty or even free world
  2. My copy has been pre-ordered for 2 months now....... I cant wait to play this game...... its like diablo mixed in with call of duty! im so anxious. if anyone wants to coop with me on ps3. just add me. the1youh8
  3. wow this thread looks like fun..... I MUST READ ALL 6 PAGES! ........ lol *sarcasm*
  4. didnt know about that one..... so for example I join a niob game, than leave, and from the main menu.... I choose what? continue? create offline game?
  5. PSN is free because sony is not a cash hoe like Microsoft. and how can buttons that feel like skittles under you're thumb be better than the ps3 gamepads..... not to mention the wonderful batteries u need to replace..... how awful
  6. Temple guardian for the fiery ember Area of Effect, deathly spears, and the shields that turn him into a crazy tank Definately TG with fiery ember!
  7. ive tried what your about to do...... it failed..... hope it works for u. ive started playing Diablo II again, just the original, no expansion. hit me up: the1youh8 im about to sell my Sacred 2 copy to gamestop/ebgames, there giving me 33$ for it. I just wanna get my missing trophies and im never playing again
  8. my first char is definately the witch doctor.... his spells looks so efficient.... and I love Area of Effect spells
  9. forget about this character.... is officially over. I had a character glitched in the same place as you..... there is no known fix or solution. start over again and make your char better....
  10. sorry to say but buy a ps3 much more reliyable I was a xbox fanboy for 4 years now changed to ps3 and il never look back and better range of games from the shooting and driving on xbox The 360/PS3 argument has gone on for ages and will never go away! Personally, I own both and think the 360 outclasses the PS3 in all areas bar reliability. Live>PSN, 360 pad>ps3 pad, 360 updates/installations>PS3 updates/installations. And better range of games? Not too sure about that. PS3 exclusives = MGS, GT5, Killzone 2 etc etc. All poor games IMO. But, if your only buying point for a cosole is reliability, then PS3 is the way to go! Good thing this is only YOUR opinion..... saying MGS4 is poor is definately your personal view. Keep your eyes open for the upcoming PS3 exclusives... MAG, Heavy Rain, God of War 3, uncharted 2, Demon souls.... U pay for xbox live so I hope its better than the FREE psn. How can a 360 gamepad be better than a PS3 when you got to buy batteries to run the things......uhhh
  11. fastest grinder Area of Effect Temple Guardian..... use Fiery Ember I got my TG to level 80 in 40 hours
  12. I have the exact same problem with my seraphim which was my 1st build. shes stuck on silver in the exact same point in campaign. im on ps3 ive contacted CDV and they have just brushed me off like I dont know how to play the game. in conclusion, there is no way to fix the problem as of now.
  13. I use deadly spears and fiery ember attri points I split up in stamina and intelligence
  14. I dont have an xbox..... but can u back up your gamer profile and than delete it your game data and than back up from your gamer profile... can someone who has an xbox give their input, ive heard someone had a similar problem with an xbox
  15. u got to copy paste everything after the = sign, if I remember correctly
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