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  1. https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-ChillStream-Gamepad-for-PC/dp/B000IX1NDC The Logitech Chillstream came before F310 and has a bit better analog control imho. Don't get me wrong, F310 is possibly the best you can buy ATM. Currently there are no very good quality gamepads for the PC. The Chillstream also makes any event of sweating hazard - gone! I've used it to play some driving games since its L2(PS terminology) button is very responsive and I've managed to hold particular speed in games like TDU2 and NFSU2. Problem is - no support for later versions of WinOS. The last one was Vista I think. If you can't find a chillstream the 2nd best imho is F310 since it's corded (better response) and is the closest to the Chillstream itself. However, the buttons like XYAB will feel a bit chunky and rocky until you work them out. If that is the problem I suggest some bootlegs of the Playstation controllers like Gembird or Natec or similar. It will serve it's purpose for a brief period of time, like several months, maybe more if you're careful. None of the Logitech controllers are good for Guitar Hero type of games. Chillstream is a bit smaller controller, and a bit chubbier than F310. F310 is more like a combo between Xbox 360 and PS2 controller. Buttons are like X360 and design is like a PS2 controller on steroids. Chillstream feels like a younger more advanced cousin of the original Xbox massive black controller, but kind of not as complicated as the N64 controller. It is light, too. Chillstream is heavier than any PS controller, but not as heavy as other Logitech controllers. Atm I have a Chillstream which is a far more delicate controller with great response with analogs and one NAtec controller which I use for playing fighting games from PS1 era (like Tekken or maybe even some castlevania SOTN). Any controller might work, just be sure to calibrate them before playing games.
  2. I've noticed that portions in Canadian restaurants are rather large. I didn't visit, but I've relatives who're sending pics. Like 400-500gr meat and 400-500 gr fries on a plate with like 2 smallest tomatoes ever (called salad instead of garnish lol). Very good for a sportsman, but for a "regular joe" seems rather heavy, no?
  3. Ah, yeah, people don't know the taste of a hamburger until they try Pljeskavica. Any american coming here, including my godfather's children, have their mind blown each time. Since I can compare the both food from McDonalds in contrast to Pljeskavica, which you can find pretty much anywhere here on the Balkans, the McDonald type hamburger feels good to the tummy if you eat one maybe and if you really are hungry. The fries are way, way better, though. The meat is absolutely horrendous, gummy-like, chewy, flat, almost like eating some paper or whatever. Next to the patty of Pljeskavica a total and absolute waste. That's sort of the impress you can get if you live here and it's not at all an overreaction or overestimation. The difference is earth and sky. Charles probably said something like "Ljutenica" (Lyoo-te'-nee-tza) Since Paprika is a big thing here, many folk prepare various types of dishes with it. First you put long paprika on a stove so that the skin of it becomes black, charcoaled basically, then you peel it off in cold water. Nasty process, but great result each time. And it's a family thing, like every child gets his/hers hands dirty a bit and they hate it, but what can you do haha Ljutenica is salt, chopped paprika, garlic, minced (peeled) tomato. Sometimes cooked, sometimes no. Another typical winter dish. Great as a dip. Especially popular in the southern parts of Serbia and notably Leskovac city. Another thing is Urnebes (Oor-nae-b'ss). It's often some nice cheese sort mixed with ground hot spicy paprika and whatnot. Another great dip. Comes in various formats. Personally, not a fan. It's just a complimentary sauce of sorts. http://www.serbiancafe.com/lat/kuvar/recipe/11/9920/ljutenica# For Urbenes I can give you recipe myself Get 500gr (half a kilo) of full-greased cheese (like Feta cheese) which can also be turned into mush with a fork with ease. Get 100ml of vegetable oil, preferable to your taste be it olive oil, grape oil or sunflower oil. Get 1 teaspoon of hot minced, fried, chopped, good pepper spice. Only natural one, not those processed ones from supermarkets. Probably there are in some healthy food market/grocery around. Get 2 teaspoons of regular sweet paprika spice (or even smoked one if you like that, cajen also works good) 3-4 cloves of garlic, finely chopped or made into a mush with a knife. Mix all. Voila, Urbenes. It's a garnish of sorts. The thing you put on garnish. That's the basic, original recipe. From there the sky's the limit I hope you try and let me know how it turned out! And oh yeah, there's a place ( around 40 different places, all private business and home recipes ) which I often order from. They bring it to the home address. It's always meat made on charcoal or hardwood (mountain charcoal that burns fast, not that compressed one that lasts longer) and the variations are great. I usually order for me and my family something like this. This would cost around 6-7 US $. Here you have sausages, cevapi, some nice pork cuts, deboned chicken drums (with the juicy skin), some raznjici (skewered various types). The potatoes are cooked for 20 minutes in water, then put in the oven with the meat grease. That gives them that golden, salty, juicy flavor. Even though they look burnt, they're actually extremely soft and filled with mushed potato inside. The onion is a must with grilled meats. Now, usually bacon is wrapped around most of these meats. So, yeah, here we eat a lot of meat. A lot of it, really. And all is free-range basically. Nothing too processed or similar. Here we do not like processed food that much. This was not that long ago, the bacon fair with typical free range stuff going on.
  4. Interesting. That's a sort of younger cabbage (spring cabbage variant). That's also something that the Chinese use the most in their dishes. It's tender and can really be thin once it's processed, no? The one most commonly used here was made for the specific sourness and role. It's known as Srpski Melez. It's Brassica oleracea L. convar. capitata L.) Alef. Average KG is around 3kg per head of cabbage. The leaves are very durable and hard, which is ideal for the pickling process. These are also used for salads as well as the dish "Slatki Kupus". The outer leafs are dark green and the inner leaves are lighter color. Before the pickling process a couple of leaves are taken off. Once the pickling process is done, they tend to get yellow to brown-ish color. For the sake of sarma each leaf is split carefully since it's used in a similar fashion to any pastry. The end product should look like this You think you will just take one or two, but you inevitably end up eating at least 4-5. It's just THAT good Cheers!
  5. The Curry ketchup and any type of Wurst is a great, great combination. There's this company called Hela and they have this absolutely amazing mild curry ketchup that goes amazing with any sort of a breakfast and even on the salad like green salad or similar. I like to put a bit of it on the delicates hard-boiled eggs and some ham with green spring salad. The thing is also great with any sort of meat, especially the Karađorđe's schnitzel or any other deep-friend breadcrumb schnitzel for that matter. It's for those healthy, great amazing breakfasts when you get energized for the rest of the day with a smile on your face
  6. As a guy from southeastern Europe, notably Serbia, I sincerely doubt that any Slavic person would mix Chocolate and Kiseli Kupus (or as the Germans popularized it - Sauer-Kraut). This seems like a total waste and an unhealthy combination to say to least. Mixing Salt and Sweet is not that common around here. And Sour Cabbage (Kiseli Kupus) is actually extremely salty. This is a predominately Slavic food which came to the Central Europe probably either through the Czech, Polish or even Balkan influences on the Eastern parts of the Germany. It is the stuff you eat with spicy meat or salty meat or similar. And it goes really, really well. You drink a beer afterwards. Really nothing like it. A true winter food for a woodcutter. This is the Winter dish known as a part of "Zimnica" (Zee-'m-Nee-Tza), but is specifically important since it's used in the traditional dish of Sarma. Now THIS is food! Sarma, although having Turkish/Persian name ethnologically, started its existence specifically on the Balkans. Due to the Serbian slavery under the Ottoman Empire for some 200-400 years, Cabbage was in abundance and so was the pork. It is basically minced meat and rice wrapped up into a sour/pickled cabbage leaf. If you're a true family person you make around 100 of those, cook them for 2-3 hours on low heat and then put them overnight in the owen on low heat. You also put a lot of bacon and other types of dried salted meats in-between. If Italians have Pizza and Panne, Serbs have Sarma and Pljeskavica. Another dish made with Kiseli Kupus is known as "Podvarak" (Pou-The'vaa-R'ck) which is chopped-up sour/pickled cabbage often with the pork knees or belly or whatever else nice you got from the meat, a duck or chicken or anything goes, it's cooked and then put into the oven to get a bit of a roast color. Actually really, really good with a quality mayo and some Swedish bread or Pogaca. Also, talking about this saddens me since the season is over. Anyway, the way I make Kiseli Kupus is as follows. You need a good 100L-150L barrel. Strong one. Dark one. You need a specific sort of a cabbage and around 100KG of it for a 4-5 members of the family. Think 20KG per person. On 100KG of Cabbage you need around 4-5KG salt. 4.5KG ideally. Small to medium heads of cabbage. Not big one. Those are a big no-no. And you need refined salt, not sea salt. Cut the middle of the head root (like when you take out the apple petal, same spiral cut) around 5-6cm depth and then fill it with salt. Place the cabbage head into the barrel so that the salt, where you sliced the cabbage, is faced upwards. Do that with each cabbage head and place them accordingly like a puzzle. Once you place all of them, cover with cold water until all of them are submerged. Be sure to have a plastic net that will cover the circular barrel opening and on top of that net place a heavy stone which you previously washed (or some other heavy thing, but stone works wonders, don't ask why). Now you wait between a month and a month and a half until the first head is ready to be eaten. The longer it stays, the tastier it gets. The barrel needs to be on the temperature between 5-10 C degrees. You will also need to take out the water with a pump of sorts and return it back (filtering) every now and then in approx 2 weeks (so that it doesn't get too spoiled). If you are inexperienced and can't deal with this, the whole thing will stink like a sewer to you. The smell is so intense and will bite your nose innards like nothing you ever experienced before. So, you take 2-3 heads every two weeks maybe, make a bunch of sarma for several days and you have a bunch of meals for each day. The best part, though, is that the longer your Sarma stays in the fridge (and then is re-heated) the better and better it gets. If you meet some other Serbian guy in the west, please, ask them about Kiseli Kupus and Sarma - are they making it? You just might make a longtime friend with such a simple question On each special occasion Sarma is a must. It's like a religious thing. It's as common here as coca-cola is somewhere else. I think I have one more batch of Kiseli Kupus even though it's way beyond the season, if I make I will post a pic here.
  7. Motif 1 : LifeLeech, similar to the concept of spells in Diablo-esque video-games. Motif 2 : "People on Darkmatters might like it" So it is an action-based point&click RPG in the vein of Diablo or, rather, Path of Exile. The latter seems more probable game-wise, but the first more probable concept-wise. Am I wrong ?
  8. Yes, exactly like that. Not just CAs, but overall performance of a character which would eventually give some form of average dps in contrast to highest and lowest hits.
  9. Hi guys and girls. I was wondering whether there's a damage calculator tool of some sort that would make outputs of the damage done to the enemies into a written format, chart of some sort? Anyone know of such a thing?
  10. I'm a video-gaming elitist. Maybe even a video-game snob. I figure that out solely on the premise of playing A LOT of video-games on A LOT of gaming systems. I just do not care of lack of quality. Sacred 3 was not my game of choice simply because it looked like another indie video-game that's popular among children nowadays which got it's UI style ripped from a mix of Ookami x Darksiders 2 (the paintbrush effect) - Health Points 404, art direction not found. I mean, surely, people don't really expect that someone believe that one paintbrush effect or a minimalistic design (black on white) is going to state " RICH FANTASY VIDEO-GAME ". Any gantasy video-game should have a vibrant and nice UI, probably followed by either a old celtic-type book or similar. A parchment looks amazing with some nicely detailed font style. Why this stopped I have no idea. Furthermore, no depth, no character customization viability and basically a completely different team to that of Ascaron. All of that leads to a major disappointment even for a relatively open-minded person, let alone a Sacred fan, or let alone me who's extremely scrupulous to what constitutes a good video-game I may enjoy. It's completely another video-game altogether in short. It shows that reboots and continuation type of video-games shouldn't be made just because they've some continuity proportions. That being said I was never a fan of the Sacred 2 storyline nor I liked that Seraphims are a SciFi race. I liked certain nods to it in Sacred, but never imagined that there will be an undead plague thanks to some SciFi elements. It kind of ruins the "magical" aspect of Sacred as well as demonology, although it does pave road to something more steampunkish even if it doesn't strictly follow the victorian steampunk generic setting that's present in many video-game nowadays. But Sacred 2 was never as repelling to me as Sacred 3 is. I like my Sacred game dark, gloomy and humorous at times with silly voice-acting, not cartooney, button-mashing, quick-time-event fest. Ugh... It wasn't that hard of a concept to follow either. You hold left click, kill things, progress by percentage that goes even in decimals, and move your way up with certain magics until you feel OP enough. Take that away and lose the map exploration, what do you get? Nothing. And it's not like the genre is not super-popular, take torchlight for an example or path of exile, maybe van helsing or grim dawn. Man, those are all decent video-games. They are not Sacred, but are good regardless. Or Titan Quest. Not sure why Sacred 3 looks more like an iOS game. Ugh... That's the worst. And there's this game that's eons ahead of Sacred 3 and it's called Nine Parchments which borrows some elements from Disney's Sword in Stone and certain Animated series from Japan (anime). The concept is similar, but at least it's far, far more enjoyable than Sacred 3. It's actually much akin to a mix of Magicka (mixology) for PC and Dungeons and Dragons : Heroes for Xbox (akin to Gauntlet) type of a gameplay. So save yourself time and money, if you want to actually experience a better video-game in the same vein of Sacred 3, play Nine Parchments. And it's not pretending that it's something else by its title.
  11. Hi. Probably this one : She looks as if she's going to do seppuku being angry that Batman left her and the Cyrillic font states "Диск 2", but in turn it looks like "Duck 2". Kniaz Tami - Кнез Таме (dark Knyaz). This one is as unique as it gets I think and I like a bit of golden color for a Seraphim. Very German color I think... I can totally imagine Seraphim on Octoberfest
  12. Made another image dump on imgur which has around 20+ images I found on mobygames https://imgur.com/gallery/JzAoq Here's an image of a demoness artstyle
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