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  1. heilige sche.... is denn scho weihnachtn? XD can't wait for release, a really big "thank you" to all members of the CM Patch Team, current or former. Without you, Sacred 2 would be a lot less fun
  2. while that is true Dimitrius, it isn't exactly useful for roughly 85-95% of all other players and merely clogs up the possible stats on Items. the majority of Sacred 2 players I know, play the Singleplayer, where Pacifism, due to its function, is absolutely useless. Edit: Flix, please correct me if I am wrong but that CA is defined as a "DoT" right? sooo "D"amage "o"ver "T"ime would mean the implementation of a duration parameter. It would not surprise me, if that was actually INTENDED to be done, but ultimately forgotten about before release.
  3. the high droprates ARE the reason stacking would be a nice feature. I mean really... the runes simply clutter up the inventory after a while. Stacking would definitely reduce that issue
  4. given what Dimitrius clarified, I would say "Yes to stacking Runes" Keeps the Inventory nice and uncluttered and if we switch Difficulties, all we have to do is put the runes into the Chest before going off slaying monsters
  5. ahh crap, forgot the dependencies. Thanks for clarifying Flix as for the BGs... well if it can't be done for technical reasons like you mentioned, then it can't be done. Still, what your pics show is a LOT better than the original. Easier on the eyes as well
  6. Well, while I do love the CM Patch in its entirety the way it is, I can see and understand BrainMunchers POV as well. the CM Patch comes with an installer, would it not be possible to simply add categories to said installer where the user can decide wether to install the patch in full (ie everything the devs put in) or only the parts they want by categories like this: Bugfixes; (Un)Locked Content; User Interface; Extras just an idea I had when I read the discussion here, it would make for a good compromise. as for those BGs Flix, can those be made Class-specific? I mean Seraphim (Royal Blue), High Elf (Royal Purple), Dryad (Dark Green), Dragonmage (Dark Red), Shadow Warrior (Steel Grey), Temple Guardian (Stone Brown), Inquisitor (Raven Black) or perhaps Campaign specific: Light (Blue, Royal or Navy) and Dark (Black, Raven or Abyss)
  7. Once the Beta is ready to go, give me a call, I'll happily help testing it. Other than that, good luck with your Job, just don't forget about us
  8. Flix, if this works as advertised once its available to us poor souls suffering in the freezing hell, I'll happily declare you a saint and start worshipping you. I'm eagerly awaiting the results of your work
  9. I agree with Flix on that one. Writing posts is a lot easier and faster now, since the writers don't have to check wether they have any "jammed" lines in their post.
  10. I believe the "Best Class in game X" matter is highly subjective/personal. Some ppl love "Close Combat" Classes, others the "Ranged Combat" Classes and some will swear their firstborn on the "Mixed/Multi Ranged" Classes. And that's without going into the who knows how many ways ANY Class can be skilled/developed. Personally, in Sacred 2 I love playing the Seraphim and High Elf. The Seraphim I skill mostly in Close Combat with either Technology OR Divine Magic as secondaries, the High Elves I play, either end up as Pyromaniacs or Ice Queens with a few points in Arcane. Thats my personal preference, so perhaps not the best choices. I'm playing Sacred 2 to have fun, this way to play gives me what I want.
  11. Heh.. thx I'll keep looking for further pics, as for these four, 1&3 are my favorites, 3 is my current desktop BG. I'm kinda hoping to find a well made (and sufficiently high res) variant of Pic1 with an Inquisitor and a Seraphim, perhaps even the other Classes as well. Here's to hoping
  12. Heya gogo, found a couple Pics that might be worth adding to the background choices: Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 the 4th I found was a little difficult, so I attached it as an upload. Hope you like them as much as I do
  13. Great Job with the new Design, love the choice of backgrounds. I'll keep an eye open for possible additions, hope you don't mind me doing so.
  14. I just noticed your avatar and like it, is it from a game? gogo It is gogo. Its a cutout I made from a World of Warcraft FanArt, where I then inserted my nick. Made that one years ago, got one other also prepared.
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