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  1. Hello everyone im new in to all thoes things cheking reading do sombody know in spawn.txt numbers means? for example mgr.addSpawn (1,53,0,{ -- Kristallregion V what I knw this is in region total_density = 10, this can incresse amount of monsters layermap_id = 3, {2935,4,"",0,0,0,0}, {2934,2,"",0,0,1,0}, {2948,1,"",0,0,2,0}, {2042,1,"",0,0,3,0}, and other things I dont understand numbers lines ty in advance and sorry for my bad english
  2. well that are nice news Moonpaw welcome back cant wait your sweet mod
  3. if sombody have links can you please reupload they are dead <3 ty in advance
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