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  1. Time to go and get a bit drunk tonight. Going to watch some starting metal bands from my area, hope there is some talent to be enjoyed. anyone else here enjoys Metal? http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x12g6x_blind-guardian-battlefield_music quite an epic song, deserves max volume
  2. I hope they will add a lot of unique items the coming months cause imo that is the biggest problem with the game. not the balance, but the rewards given. It's just no fun to grind a few hours and not even get something colourfull and shiny. The runewords in diablo 2 where absolutely OP, but eventually getting all the parts together was quite satisfying. let's hope they will add something similar in the futute. I loved the item tier system in sacred2. from the start of the game you could have your build and gear in order and just tweak it all up to the end. (not that I made big use o
  3. It's a real shame they had to be so "innovative" about the game mechanics. I waited a while before purchasing, but eventually just bought it to play with a close friend who got the game with his WoW subscribtion. soloplay is absolutely boring. the grind is awfull, the story is annoying, loot is horrible and the community is...... I won't even go there. and I havent even touched those lame monster affixes they thought "fun" (frozen/jailor/mortar/molten anyone?) But still grinding once or twice a week with my mate untill (for me) Torchlight 2 hits and (for my mate) the next WoW expansion
  4. Voted seraphim. Love to see a return of the inquisitor too. and horses ofcourse.
  5. yup jiggles is quite the word to discribe it. It's like those last few days before my birthday when I was a kid
  6. Greetings, its been a while anyone else bought this game, is thinking about it or played supcom 1/forged alliance? it was released last friday and I like it. still needs some patching and balancing though, but when its all fixed it can become a long lasting game (for me at least) the biggest problem is the attitude on the supcom2 forums... OMG those kids are nasty.. most topics are titled something like: it sucks, chris taylor (main dev) ripped us off, I want my money back. mostly because of the changes from its predecessor FA (forged alliance). that was a rather complex game
  7. This (couldn't have said it better myself) Good luck Sil May the Gods of Imagination and Creativity be with You on your Quest
  8. WOOHOO A little late reply maybe, havent been very active on the forums the last few weeks But I'm honored id say Lets together now, for good times and COOKIES! Ride On
  9. sweet, ill bake you a cake.... uhm, some cookies^^ have fun, ill see you ingame when I get ice and blood id say Ride On
  10. sounds like a nice build, ill try it once I get my hands on ice and blood for sure ride on
  11. me wants a flaming pony Ride On
  12. ah, thanks soldats. so having constitution isnt a bad choice then eh^^ Ride On
  13. I was grinding the desert with my new TG and I noticed that when those scarab champions hit me they hit my life directly. my shield was full and didnt go down while my life did. Anyone else noticed this? and if so, are there more monsters (or even bosses ) that can ignore your shield buff? or was it a bug (yes it was a scarab ) maybe? Please enlighten me with your combined wisdom, o beloved forumgoers Ride On
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